WIP: Fortress of Redemption

wh39kFoRWIPThis week I was going to start a smallish series of posts about how I did up the terrain that we used in our latest Apocalypse game: The Fall of Morrsleb, when I discovered this half started post languishing in the corner of my blog.  So, rather than wait on this any longer, I figured I’d get the old out of the way before moving on to other terrain posts.

I was on a terrain kick earlier this year so, after finishing my second set of Vengeance Weapon Batteries, I moved on to the Fortress of Redemption.  Though it was a large piece, and I didn’t know exactly how I wanted to proceed with it.

I had started by doing some research online as to how others had painted the model, and I wanted to incorporate some of their themes while still keeping true to the “OMG THAT’S HORRENDOUSLY BRIGHT” scheme I’d set forth in such pieces as my Aegis Defense Line & my Bastion.  I’m well aware that the scheme isn’t for everyone (hence, the tongue in cheek comments above), but I’ve committed to a 2nd edition Ultramarine scheme and I’m rather fond of it, so why not continue it to the buildings.

I did read some comments that buildings shouldn’t be painted extravagantly so that they blend into the background and make the true focus on your army.  While I subscribe to that, I also believe that fortifications are actually part of the army, and should be painted to a similar standard as the rest of the units.

Anywho, since I decided to keep to the theme, I knew that there would be a significant amount of blue with yellow trim (though I originally expected less yellow–damn my fickle paintbrush).  The big questions were really about how to paint the angel and his wings.  Part of me wanted to paint the robes bleached bone (to match the robes of most of my characters), but another part wanted to recognize that it’s a piece of terrain and would’ve probably been made with stone or some other material.  Eventually, the latter side won the argument and I wound up painting it in a mixture of white and black marble first attempted in the various statues I’d painted earlier this year.

As for why I started with the big part first, well, it seems liked the most logical starting point.  The biggest questions I had were all to deal with the angel, so why not tackle that first and let that set the tone for the rest of the piece?

I realize that I don’t do many “work in progress (WIP)” posts, but this wound up taking me a few days (likely spanning over the course of a few weeks) to get this far, so why not make a post about it.  In all actuality, this progress was made far earlier in the year, and I’ve gotten so far as to have finished this one building of the complex (and even started two of the other buildings), but the whole thing isn’t yet finished.  One day I’ll figure out how to dilute the blue paint enough to make it work with the airbrush, and I’ll finally finish all of these outstanding buildings.

Yeah right…



10 comments on “WIP: Fortress of Redemption

  1. Haha…ya the buildings soak up so much time and paint. Even when you are going “oh I’ll keep this simple”. Half a pot of paint and hours later….

    Looks good so far! I really need to work on mine some more.. I had a paint pot explode on me (i squeeze a vallejo air too hard), and since then I lost my will to work on terrain.

    • Terrain is so hard for me to paint because it looks so daunting, and I have a hard time not holding it up to the same standard as the rest of my figures.

      Oh well, as long as I don’t go switching armies, I’ll be done painting all of these guys one day, right?

      On Wed, Oct 1, 2014 at 6:48 AM, Warhammer 39,9999 wrote:


  2. It looks very good (subject to the OMG it’s bright caveat). I think it will fit in very well with your other buildings and be a really nice centre piece.

  3. Looking good. It definitely fits in with your army.

    I might try washing the black robe with a colored wash or glaze just to give it a slight sheen of color in light. It would appear black unless light hits it and those areas will reflect the color. Just an idea. Easy enough to test out on something useless before committing to it, that is if you like the idea.

  4. In order to use those paints in an airbrush use acrylic medium, drying retarder and water in a 1:1:2 dilution to water down the paint until it is a “2% milk” consistency and, I’ve read though haven’t tried, run it through some pantyhose to filter the chunks out. I gave up on the prospect of preparing paint as evidenced by my purchase of the Minitaire line. Although the Minitaire paint line is great for the airbrush, the colors ARE different.

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