Outstanding Status Effect Markers

So, I’ve been working on some status effect markers and general ways to keep track of various effects on the board, which culminated most recently in me placing a large order of custom designed buttons.

Some people were quick to point out that I had missed some obvious markers that probably should’ve been included on the original order, so I’m now working to rectify that and will likely be placing a second order in the immediate future. Before doing so, I thought I’d put my feelers out there to see if anyone else saw an glaring holes in my list.

To date, I have printed the following buttons:

  1. Objectives
  2. Mysterious Objectives
  3. Warlord Traits (all four generic types, plus traits for the two armies that I play: Tyranids & Ultramarines).
  4. Pinned
  5. Swooping/Zooming
  6. Snapshots Only
  7. Tyranid Psychic Powers (Dominion, Catalyst, Onslaught, & Paroxysm)

custom_buttonsThe other ones that I’m actively working on are:

  1. Vehicle Damage Markers
  2. Blind
  3. Concussive
  4. Soul Blaze

I generally mark wounds & lost hull points with dice, so I’m not sure I need markers for those (besides, the buttons seem rather large for putting a stack of wound markers by something). Are there any others you can think of that I’m missing?



7 comments on “Outstanding Status Effect Markers

    • Not a bad idea, but I’m trying to figure out when I’d actually use them. Night fighting doesn’t use that anymore, so when else do I get that? Just when I’m within 6″ of a venomthrope? I don’t too often forget that–though I s’pose it’s kind to remind my opponents before they shoot…

      On Tue, Aug 5, 2014 at 1:37 PM, Warhammer 39,9999 wrote:


  1. I’m still very interested in doing this for Warmachine. Can you maybe throw me the template and i’ll just have you tack it on to your order?

  2. I didn’t get around to playing 6th edition yet! Man, I need to sort my life out and get some more hobby time back! (Or at least spend less of it online reading about other people’s hobby!)

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