Vengeance Weapons Batteries Redux

Last month I posted pictures of my Vengeance Weapon Batteries along with a wishy-washy follow-on debating the merits of painting the other two in the set.  Well, the completionist in me ultimately won out and I opted to paint the other two.

wh39kVengeancex4I opted to paint these in a different, but hopefully complimentary scheme so I can distinguish them on the battlefield.  Not that there’s any real point in the rules at this point, but I’d prefer not to repaint them again in the future should the need arise, so I just went ahead and did it.  The only difference in this scheme is that I painted the little houses (sarcophagi?) around the skeletons in red instead of yellow–everything else is functionally identical (although I did paint the giant skulls more cleanly as well).

I apologize that I never seemed to take some proper photos of these, but I did snap a quick shot with my camera-phone, so hopefully those will do for now.  The good thing is that it at least shows a good comparison of the two.

It’s not clear to me which color scheme I prefer.  Granted, they’re not all that different, but there’s definitely enough to be able to tell.  I find that the red ones look much better with the battle cannons on them, while the yellow ones look better with the punisher cannons.  The scheme is basic enough that they’re interchangeable, but I do prefer them that way.  Other than that, I don’t know that I really have a preference.  I suspect that in general use, I’ll use the yellow ones as they look better with my army, but I do prefer the battle cannons, so maybe I’ll use the red ones?

With that in mind, it doesn’t look like it really matters which I use as both have minor cosmetic benefits.  Which do you prefer?  (and no fair saying that they’re both too bold and primary).



8 comments on “Vengeance Weapons Batteries Redux

  1. Well done. Those are some daunting weapons to paint, just so much surface area. They came out well.

    I’ve used neither weapon but if I tried one out it would be the battle cannon I think. The lousy BS means little with a pie-plate. The rate of fire on a punisher helps offset the bad BS but not enough in my opinion.

    • I’d definitely recommend trying one. AV14 is a tough nut to crack, and 85 points for a battle cannon (even if it’s just BS2) is a steal. In the latest edition, they can hold objectives and can’t be pulled off them until destroyed, and they force your opponent to deal with them.

      One thing I haven’t determined for certain is if they have to shoot at the closest target. I play that they do, but I’m not certain that’s the way it’s written.

      On Mon, Jul 21, 2014 at 7:21 AM, Warhammer 39,9999 wrote:


  2. I like the red a little better but they both look great. It’s a subtle enough difference that I might not notice if you didn’t point it out but it’s easy enough to see once you know it’s there. You’ve definitely achieved the goal differentiating them without breaking the overall scheme.

    85pts for a battle cannon is a good deal, especially for an army that might not have easy access to them. Which rule book do these come from?

  3. They look very good as a group, so congratulations, and the differences between the two sets are both small enough not to spoil the overall look of them being part of the same set of fortifications and noticeable enough that you can clearly identify them when you want to.

    I think I prefer the yellow ones to the red, as I think you get away more easily with two bold, primary colours next to each other – with only a tiny bit of red detail – than with three.

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