The Fall of Morrsleb (The Rules)

It’s been far too long since I’ve played in an Apocalypse game (fifteen months, to be exact), and even longer since I’ve hosted one at my house (almost a full three years ago).  So, with our friend Blaine coming back to town, it’s time to have another throw-down.

I’ll work on fluff for this particular world/theme in the future, but for now, I thought it best to get the rules out in advance.  So, without further Adieu: here are the preliminary rules for the game:

  1. Full Moon with Clouds at NightArmy composition:
    1. Player should make an army that comprises of no more than 4,000 points using the most current edition of rules available for each respective unit.
    2. Players should bring copies of the rules for all units in their list (PDF, Print-Out, digital copies, are all valid—just so we can reference them if need be).
    3. Units, formations, and detachments from GW (including Forgeworld) are allowed. Home grown units/formations are not. There is no limit to the number of detachments or formations that may be included in an army.
    4. All armies must include a valid “warlord” (HQ) unit.
  2. Rules for the psychic phase during a multiplayer game:
    1. Determining available Warp Charge:
      1. During the psychic phase, each team will roll a single die to determine the amount of extra warp charge.
      2. Each player on the team will generate warp charge per the number of levels of psychic mastery in his/her army.
      3. Each player will then add an additional amount of dice as dictated by the roll at the start of the phase to their total to determine their final amount of warp dice.
    2. Deny the Witch
      1. Each player will have their own set of dice with which to attempt to deny psychic powers.
      2. Only one attempt may be made to deny each casting of a psychic power. Teams are expected to collaborate as to who will attempt to deny each power.
      3. Players can only benefit from modifiers to their dice roll if they are the target of the spell. If attempting to nullify a spell that is affecting another friendly unit, you would need a 6 to deny—regardless of whether that friendly unit had any bonuses.
      4. Excepting above, players can combine dice to attempt to deny psychic powers. If different rolls are required by different players, please make note of that before any dice are rolled.
  3. Rules for painted models:
    1. Each player will be able to choose from a short list of available Universal Special Rules (USR). Each completely painted unit with in his/her army (determined at the time of deployment) will benefit from that USR.
    2. It is up to each player to determine what constitutes “completely painted unit.” In general, it should include multiple colors of paint and a base job. We are all adults, so we’ll be using the honor system.
    3. The rules apply to entire units and are checked at the beginning of the game. So if a unit is painted except for one model, and that model later dies, the squad will not benefit from the USR for the entire game.
  4. Personal Objectives:
    1. Personal objectives will be in use for the game.
    2. Personal objectives are missions that apply to each player and will help to set the theme (explaining why a diverse group of armies have appeared to fight on a single battlefield) and gives players an alternate method to achieve victory.
    3. The actual objectives will be unique for each player and will be dealt out randomly to each player before deployment.
    4. Players are not allowed to share their personal objectives with any other participant (including team-mates) until the game is over.
    5. Players are encouraged to coerce their team-mates throughout the game to help assist them to accomplish their personal objective. For example: If my personal objective was to destroy all super heavies on the table, I should encourage people to kill those super heavies even if it might not be the best move for my team mate at that particular time. Coercion should be done in such a way that it’s not obvious that I’m trying to get them to complete my objective for me.
  5. Changes to Objectives & Victory Points:
    1. The objectives for the game will not be static.
    2. Objectives will have a way of potentially enhancing the psychic phase of the game.
    3. Unlike previous Apocalypse games where we used to score points at the end of every player turn, we will only be scoring victory points at the end of the game. There will be an additional method where players can score victory points throughout the game, but it will require effort to do so.
  6. Time Tracking:
    1. Please plan to play an eight hour game (not including setup, deployment, tear-down, etc.)
    2. Chess clocks will be used for the game, each team will be configured to have 4 hours of play time.
    3. When time runs out for the first team, the other team will have the option of calling it or having one more player turn for their side.
  7. Extras:
    1. Food & Drink:
      1. In my experience, these things work best when they function as a pot luck.  People can bring a dish to share with everyone (crock pots work great for this).
      2. We won’t have an official break in the game for eating, just eat when you feel like it.  That way, we can keep the game play continuous and get out as early as possible.
    2. Miscellaneous:
      1. We’ll need at least one additional table, and if anyone has a spare grass matt (or suitable table covering) that would also be appreciated.
      2. I can provide six chairs, but it would be best if someone could bring an additional two folding chairs.
      3. We’ll be playing on a cement floor, so please wear comfortable shoes.  Standing for 8+ hours can be hard on your feet.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

5 comments on “The Fall of Morrsleb (The Rules)

  1. Sounds like great fun already!

    A couple of thoughts / questions though…

    6.C – worth clarifying that if the team chooses to play an additional turn whether or not they are still forced to play within their own 4 hour limit, or does their timer get turned off?

    Given that you’re allowing formations from all over GW and Forgeworld, did you consider allowing home brews? And if not, is it just for simplicity’s sake? Or do you worry about them being more unbalanced than official formations?

    • I’m open to suggestions on 6.c, but you’re right in that they should get to play that extra turn only until their time runs out. In the past, we said that they could play as many turns as they wanted so long as they had time, but that could certainly be abused. The only time we used chess clocks before, people came out pretty even, so I’m hoping that happens this time as well.

      As for home-brew formations, they always seem to have balance problems. I’m not opposed to people coming up with their own twists, but often they’re done to abuse the rules, and not to make a cool, flavorful kind of thing. Practically speaking, flavorful units can almost always be substituted with a sufficient “counts as” kind of model/rules. Don’t see a rule for your primarch? Use the rules for a C’tan, bloodthirster, or some other great unit out there–that sort of thing. So, while I’m not totally against home-grown choices, it’s far easier to police by saying no to all of them than to worry about how to balance new units.

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