Painting Progress: Vengeance Weapon Batteries

wh39kVegeancePainted (1)Weeks ago (heck, bordering on months now), I actually sat down to paint something that wasn’t a bug.

Last year, I did a great job of painting up fortifications, but those fell out of favor, but I kept meaning to go back and paint up some more. After seeing how my Tyranid version of the Vengeance Weapon Batteries performed in a “recent” battle report (despite me being utterly destroyed by Cole), I was quite pleased with them and wanted to throw some in to an Ultramarines force. So that meant that I had to actually take the time to paint one (or two) up.

I don’t even remember when I actually took the time to do so, other than it was during 2014. I know that I was going to surprise Brandon with them in a game, so I purposefully withheld this post from the blog so he wouldn’t know what was coming (though, now that I think of it, he would probably be surprised if I played my marines at all). As it’s been months since they’ve been finished, and I’m likely to forget to post this entirely if I let it go much longer, I figured I’d post them anyway.

The scheme is my traditional BLOO (some might say YELLOW) color palette of the 2nd edition Ultramarines that really hinges upon blue, yellow, and red (though mostly reserved for weapons). Without a doubt, you won’t wonder where my units are hiding on the board.

wh39kVegeancePainted (4)I have four of these models, but to date, only two have been painted up. I intend to paint up the others as well, but the color scheme will be slightly altered so that I can differentiate between them. Most likely, I’ll include more red in place of some of the yellow gubbinz (likely the little sarcophagi surrounding the skeletons around the base will be red). That should give them just enough distinction.  However, my drive to finish these directly contradicts my efforts to field only painted models.  What I mean by that is: if I can only field two of these in a single list, it would seem that I’d be better off painting something else than two more fortifications that can only ever see play in an Apoc game (or something with double force org).  I’d like to just be done painting them though, so maybe I’ll push on?







9 comments on “Painting Progress: Vengeance Weapon Batteries

  1. Yikes, the eldar have their flying circus and now the Ultramarines have their own merry-go-round!

    You don’t dip your marines, do you? Still, they do look good, even if a bit on the outlandishly garish side of things for my tastes!

    I think you should go ahead and paint up the other two while you’re on a roll. Besides, in 7th ed you can supposedly forget all about the force organisation chart!

    Out of interest, why does it matter particularly that you can distinguish between the two pairs of turrets? Although bought in pairs, they don’t actually operate as a unit do they?

    • No, I don’t dip the marines. The funny story is that I originally started my marines to be a showcase style army, and I wanted to play with painted models, so I opted to paint up my Tyranids as a quick dip army–but sadly, my nids get far more compliments than my marines (and not just because of the garish colors).

      As for distinguishing them, I try to plan ahead for that sort of thing. You’re right in that they operate independently, but there are some possibilities of why you would want to differentiate between them. Notably, this would happen if they change their rules in the future (something they’re prone to doing between editions), or even in the current ruleset, showing which detachment a fortification belongs to. Maybe I want to run a second detachment of allied marines that “counts as” blood angels. In that instance, I’d want to know which models belong to which attachment (though even in that example I can’t think of a benefit to knowing what detachment it was from..?)

      On Wed, Jun 4, 2014 at 8:35 AM, Warhammer 39,9999 wrote:


  2. Its funny how that often happens with peoples reception of your models. For my marines I spend so much more time per figure trying to get them precisely painted with clean lines. Yet my dipped eldar, and dry brushed tyranids always seem to receive the beter responses.

    • Makes me wonder if it’s worth the time I spend on marines to make them look good–or if should just do it the easy way from now on.

      I do know that if I pick up another army, I’m not going to take as long with them.

      On Wed, Jun 11, 2014 at 4:44 PM, Warhammer 39,9999 wrote:


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