Pre-Ebay Sale – Massive IG / Astra Miltarum Lot

It’s been long enough since I’ve sold crap on ebay, and my IG have been taking up space for way too long, so it’s time for them to hit the docks.  I spent this evening taking pictures of the various models I have and hope to spend the rest of the evenings this week creating individual auctions for them before I put them up on Ebay on Sunday evening.  There, they’ll sit for seven days collecting bids until the auction ends.

I’m generally hoping to get somewhere between 40-60% of their retail value, but know that some of the mangled stuff often sells for less and some of the rarer stuff obviously sells for more.  If you want to buy anything, feel free to tell me what you’re interested in specifically and then make an offer (to include shipping within the U.S.).  My auctions always start at $.01 and I let the market decide what the going rate is, so feel free to make a reasonable offer.  If I feel that it will obviously sell for significantly more, I’ll probably pass, but I’ve got to weigh in the time to list everything, deal with ebay fees, etc., so you never know.

The one exception to the $.01 starting price will likely be the “at ease” cadians.  For those, I suspect I’ll find some target price and I’ll throw them up with buy-it-now/make offer.  I’ve never done that before, but I’m not sure there’s enough demand for them to drive the price up to their true value, but they’re hard enough to find that I know they’re worth something.

Anywho, below you’ll find a slew of pics of the stuff.  Generally speaking some auctions (particularly unassembled tanks) have 3-5 pictures that display everything in there.  My apologies if you can’t make things out from the photos.  Then again, you can always wait for the auctions–I’m sure to whore out the blog pretty hard next week with links…

There’s also some stuff that I’ve yet to photograph because I can’t wrap my head around how to sell it (or if I want to).  Included in that is an absolute ton of bits, 2 hell hounds, 2 manticores, 5 leman russ variants, 6? chimeras, and 3x hydras–oh and two vendettas (or are they Valkyries).  I figure I should keep some IG because I do have painted models for Ultramarine allies, but just how many…?

IMG_2324 (Medium)
More after the jump…

IMG_2325 (Medium) IMG_2326 (Medium) IMG_2327 (Medium) IMG_2328 (Medium) IMG_2329 (Medium) IMG_2330 (Medium) IMG_2331 (Medium) IMG_2332 (Medium) IMG_2333 (Medium) IMG_2334 (Medium) IMG_2335 (Medium) IMG_2336 (Medium) IMG_2339 (Medium) IMG_2340 (Medium) IMG_2341 (Medium) IMG_2342 (Medium) IMG_2343 (Medium) IMG_2344 (Medium) IMG_2345 (Medium) IMG_2346 (Medium) IMG_2347 (Medium) IMG_2348 (Medium) IMG_2349 (Medium) IMG_2350 (Medium) IMG_2351 (Medium) IMG_2352 (Medium) IMG_2353 (Medium) IMG_2354 (Medium) IMG_2355 (Medium) IMG_2356 (Medium) IMG_2357 (Medium) IMG_2358 (Medium) IMG_2359 (Medium) IMG_2360 (Medium) IMG_2361 (Medium) IMG_2362 (Medium) IMG_2363 (Medium) IMG_2364 (Medium) IMG_2365 (Medium) IMG_2368 (Medium) IMG_2369 (Medium) IMG_2370 (Medium) IMG_2371 (Medium) IMG_2372 (Medium) IMG_2373 (Medium) IMG_2374 (Medium) IMG_2375 (Medium) IMG_2376 (Medium) IMG_2377 (Medium) IMG_2378 (Medium) IMG_2379 (Medium) IMG_2380 (Medium) IMG_2381 (Medium) IMG_2382 (Medium) IMG_2383 (Medium) IMG_2384 (Medium) IMG_2385 (Medium) IMG_2386 (Medium) IMG_2387 (Medium) IMG_2388 (Medium) IMG_2389 (Medium) IMG_2390 (Medium) IMG_2391 (Medium) IMG_2392 (Medium) IMG_2393 (Medium) IMG_2394 (Medium) IMG_2395 (Medium) IMG_2396 (Medium) IMG_2397 (Medium) IMG_2398 (Medium) IMG_2399 (Medium) IMG_2400 (Medium) IMG_2401 (Medium) IMG_2402 (Medium) IMG_2403 (Medium) IMG_2404 (Medium) IMG_2405 (Medium) IMG_2406 (Medium) IMG_2407 (Medium) IMG_2408 (Medium) IMG_2409 (Medium) IMG_2410 (Medium) IMG_2411 (Medium) IMG_2412 (Medium) IMG_2413 (Medium) IMG_2414 (Medium) IMG_2415 (Medium) IMG_2416 (Medium) IMG_2417 (Medium) IMG_2418 (Medium) IMG_2419 (Medium) IMG_2420 (Medium) IMG_2421 (Medium) IMG_2422 (Medium) IMG_2423 (Medium) IMG_2424 (Medium) IMG_2425 (Medium) IMG_2426 (Medium) IMG_2427 (Medium) IMG_2428 (Medium) IMG_2429 (Medium) IMG_2430 (Medium) IMG_2431 (Medium) IMG_2432 (Medium) IMG_2433 (Medium) IMG_2434 (Medium) IMG_2435 (Medium) IMG_2436 (Medium) IMG_2437 (Medium) IMG_2438 (Medium) IMG_2439 (Medium) IMG_2440 (Medium) IMG_2441 (Medium) IMG_2442 (Medium) IMG_2443 (Medium) IMG_2444 (Medium) IMG_2445 (Medium) IMG_2446 (Medium) IMG_2447 (Medium) IMG_2448 (Medium) IMG_2449 (Medium) IMG_2450 (Medium) IMG_2451 (Medium) IMG_2452 (Medium) IMG_2453 (Medium) IMG_2454 (Medium) IMG_2455 (Medium) IMG_2456 (Medium) IMG_2457 (Medium) IMG_2458 (Medium) IMG_2459 (Medium) IMG_2460 (Medium) IMG_2461 (Medium) IMG_2462 (Medium) IMG_2463 (Medium) IMG_2464 (Medium) IMG_2465 (Medium) IMG_2466 (Medium) IMG_2467 (Medium) IMG_2466 (Medium) IMG_2467 (Medium) IMG_2468 (Medium) IMG_2469 (Medium) IMG_2470 (Medium) IMG_2471 (Medium) IMG_2472 (Medium) IMG_2473 (Medium) IMG_2474 (Medium) IMG_2475 (Medium) IMG_2476 (Medium) IMG_2477 (Medium) IMG_2478 (Medium)



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