Painting Progress: Termagants

I’m still working on the second coming of my Tyranids.  Since the release of the latest (6th edition) codex, I wound up picking up some of the new models (flyers and new monstrous creatures), but since I dip my Tyranids and it’s such a pain/mess, I figured I might as well flesh out some of the other units that I’d previously thought of as “complete.”

wh39kPinkTermsThe inspiration for this particular post was the new release of the Tervigon rules.  In previous iterations, I was only required to field 10 termagants to use them as troops, but now I need to have 30 of them.  The rub is that I originally painted up my units of ‘gants as 20 strong (+2x stranglewebs that I almost never field).  I’ve been able to slap another 10 termagants from other squads into the unit to make it look like a 30 man strong, but the squad markings are off, so why not do it right?

I picked up the ‘gants–essentially for free–in a recent deal, and I’m waiting for the last of the models to arrive before dipping, so why not paint these up while I’m waiting.

I had some options as to which weapons I wanted on the unit–basically any option I wanted, but when I think about ‘gants I seem to always run them as spinegaunts.  I haven’t done the math really, and I think they all come out pretty even for the points, but I hate rolling so many dice and seeing all of those misses, so I opt for the spinegaunts.

wh39kGreenTermsWith that in mind, I only had two units to flesh out to 30 that already had spinefists–and though I can mix and match weapons in the new codex, I prefer them identically armed for two reasons.  The first is that it’s easier to keep track of (besides, they’re all roughly equivalent anyway), and the second is because they do so many screwy things with editions, who’s to say that they’ll still be interchangeable when 7th edition comes around?  Since I’m loath to redo models, why not “do it right” the first time?

Sadly, this meant that the two squads I was going to field had pink and green markings.  I’m not terribly particular about the colors of squad markings, but the unfortunate coincidence was that I’ve run out of the pink (titillating pink)  and seemingly misplaced the green (which I can’t remember what color it was specifically–since I used some off-brand paint from Walmart).  Scouring the net for color comparisons, I went with Vallejo Squid Pink to start.  It’s reasonably close, though it’s certainly not an exact substitute.  I dare say this is darker, but for simple squad markings, it should work fine.

For the green, since I had nothing to go on really (aside from the original models, which have been covered with stain), I opted to reconstitute an old vial of Scorpion Green that I had laying around.  Again, it’s certainly not exact, but I think it’ll work in a pinch.

So, with these all done up, I’m just waiting for the new models (pyrovores & biovores) to arrive.  I guess there are some spare arms that I need to magnetize and paint up as well.  Again, I’m hoping this is the last time I dip these infernal bugs…


2 comments on “Painting Progress: Termagants

    • Are you talking about the Tyranid creature or the Imperial Knight?

      I’m not worried about the Tyranid: forgeworld has a bunch of stuff that I don’t own for my bugs: Barbed/Scythed Hierodules, Spawning Nests, Carnifex Upgrades, Harridan, etc. Contrary to popular opinion, I don’t have to own *everything*.

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