Harpy Painting Progress

wh39kHarpiesPreDip (4)Earlier this year, I’d complained that I hadn’t finished a painted model since March of last year.   Apparently, I’ve used that as inspiration and actually painted two statues so far this year, along with the Exocrines, and now two “Harpies.”  Granted, five figures in two months won’t set any speed-painting records, but that’s a far cry from what I’ve been doing, and at least they’re all large models!

Of course, calling them Harpies isn’t exactly accurate because I’ve magnetized them so as to be able to use them as either Harpies or Hive Crones.

There’s also some debate as to whether these can be technically called “painted” as they haven’t been dipped.  I’m happy using the terminology to refer to them as no more paint will technically be applied to them (only stain), and they certainly meet the classic “three color minimum” that GW used to use for painting standards.   As to whether or not I can in good conscience field these as painted models in my army, that’s still up in the air…

wh39kHarpiesPreDip (1)I assembled these models with various bits from either kit, so nobody would give me flack for running a harpy as a crone (or vice versa).  I generally used the bits I thought looked cooler in the first kit, and then made some slight changes for the second, so I didn’t have two identical models flying around.

For scheme, it’s just more of the same.  I used Ultramarines Blue for the flesh tones, and a “Bleached Bone” stand-in for the carapace (when I run out of GW paints, I’ve been buying the “equivalent” from Michael’s, as wh39kHarpiesPreDip (5)they’re far cheaper, and they’ll just get covered with stain anyway).  The reds are slightly different than I used in the past because the base color is VC Burnt Cadmium Red instead of GW’s Red Gore, but otherwise it’s identical to how I painted my gargoyles in the past.  The greens are also different because I somehow ran out of Goblin Green, and instead used Emerald & Scorpion Greens.  It’s definitely not the same as before, but I think the stain will go a long way to blending it in.  Likewise, I’m out of tentacle pink, so I mixed some white in whatever pink I had to make a reasonable substitute.

For the bases, I just removed the previously magnetized bases from my “coiled carnifex” models.  Originally I’d made them at the time of the 4th edition codex and just had some resin Trygon tails lying around, so I made them a little different.  When the 5th edition codex came out, Tervigons were the new hotness, so I started using them as that, and put them on that base.  Since I loved the actual Tervigon models, I wound up magnetizing the carnies to their bases, so I was able to salvage those to make these flyers.

The only thing left is to dip them, but I’m waiting for some more models to arrive before doing so, to limit the mess to “one more time.”  Again

wh39kHarpiesPreDip (3)  wh39kHarpiesPreDip (2)


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