Inebriated Ebaying

I’ve written before about Compulsive Model Buying Syndrome (CMBS) which, as all of you know, is a real disease that afflicts 85% of gamers (though sadly, Sally Struthers doesn’t seem to care).  I have some constraints in place that help me keep my addiction in check (namely: a finite amount of money in the bank account, and my Frugal Gaming Goals).   There are times when these tools are insufficient to prevent me from making rash decisions.

Sometimes this happens because I can’t sleep, and I find my mind wandering off to some model or project that sounds fantastic to my slumber-deprived brain.   This typically isn’t terribly dangerous, as I can do some quick searches on ebay and, if I find something that seems interesting, mark it as an item to watch and I’ll follow up on it when I’m in the right frame of mind.

There are those nights though, where I find a deal that’s “too good to pas up,” and it’s scheduled to end before I’m supposed to wake up the next morning.  Those nights are particularly dangerous.

Let me set the scene:  I’ve already worked an entire day and spent the evening wrangling children, and then I’ve laid down and attempted to find the sandman for at least a half an hour, and typically get caught up in some sort of stressful train of thought that I’m trying to avoid.  So, at this point I’m certainly tired and usually a bit frustrated.  Then I find that “perfect” item and start bidding.

But my brain certainly isn’t firing on all cylinders.

This particular evening, I  woke up and started thinking of… well, I don’t rightfully remember.  I suspect I was looking through my various saved searches—which includes one of McFarlane’s Dragon models (by the way, does anyone else love these Spawn creatures as much as I and want to desperately incorporate them into their games of Warhammer?)

With no Dragons to speak of on Ebay (at least not for a price that my cheap-arse is willing to pay) I wound up digging through some other figures.  I’m kind of fond of the “Guard Class” Ogre (seems suitably Nurglish), and I like several of the Warriors of the Zodiac (not Cancer though—that guy is just dumb).  Anywho, I think I was looking for something to go with my Skaven army (not exactly sure why, because I just traded almost all of them away).  Anywho, I found myself searching for the Aries model on ebay and found a set of all four Zodiac guys for $10.

Typically, each of these figures sells for somewhere between $15-20 or so.  I didn’t bother looking up the rest of the Zodiac set, but I knew that I liked several of them, and this seemed like a great deal.  So, I went over to esnipe and plopped down a max bid that would bring the grand total to $50—should I win.

I didn’t go to sleep immediately after, so that gave me time to rethink my hasty decision.  I knew the right answer was to cancel the bid, but I was too lazy to go downstairs and get my phone again, so I let it stand.  Frankly, $50 for a few toys that I’d likely never do anything with was too much—I don’t even think my wife would let me give them to my kids.

Well, the good news is that I did win the auction for only $10.50, so I was out $20 for the lot.  The bad news is that I already had the Gemini model (Heck, I even wrote a blog post about it), and the Cancer model is hideous.  The Taurus model isn’t too bad though, and $20 for the lot is worth while.

So, now I have to figure out what to do with a spare Gemini and a gawd-awful Cancer.  The others could theoretically see use one day (though the first Gemini I had has sat around unused since at least June of 2010, so I shouldn’t have high hopes for that…).

Maybe I should put some sort of protection on my account that requires me to complex math before they’ll allow me to place a bid?…

Image Credit: McFarlane Toys


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