White Marble Statues

Wh39kWhiteMarble (2)Last week, I posted about my “Dishonoured Imperium” statue, which was one of two figures I purchased from overseas.  The other model is about as diametrically opposed as you can get from this (while still maintaining it’s status as a Space Marine), since it’s an Ultramarine captain.

Riding my minor success from that model, I wanted to experiment a little more with this paint scheme, hoping to stretch my boundaries a little bit more.  Plus, I already have three large bronze statues for my games, so I wanted to break up the monotony a little.  What better figure to do it with than a captain model?

It makes sense that this one would be a little more important—at least on Ultramar, so I decided to keep going on the marble theme that I’d originally implemented with my Honoured Imperium set.  I didn’t want to do him up in black marble because I’d already done that, and I also didn’t think it looked stoic enough.  So, I did some research on U.S. monoments and found that a popular stone for use in them is something called Georgia White Marble (at least that’s what Lincoln’s Memorial was done in), so I decided to try to emulate that.

  • Primed: Grey
  • Stipple:      Black/white mix (heavy on the white) – I actually went through 2-3      iterations of this, each one progressively adding more white to the      mixture, until I finally did a coat with pure white.
  • Lines: Light      Gray mixed w/ water
  • Lines: Light      Gray
  • Lines: Dark Gray      (only in small areas to add some depth)
  • Lines: White      (edge highlighting)

Wh39kWhiteMarble (1)I’m not as pleased with this piece overall, because it’s hard to give real shading to white paint.  But that’s pretty much a constant when it comes to painting: white is a pain in the arse.  Still, I don’t think it says too much that I’m not as pleased with this model because I’m frankly estatic with the berserker that I did, so it’s hard to be “as pleased.”  I’m quite content with this, though I wouldn’t mind having it turn out a little whiter overall, and he could probably use with some more striations—particularly in the back.

The base was just a complete rip-off from my black marble recipe before.  Here it is again so you don’t have to look it up:

  • Basecoat: Black      (in this case, I painted the models separately from the base, so no      spill-over)
  • Stipple:      Black/white mix (heavy on the black) – I actually went through 2-3      iterations of this, each one progressively adding more white to the mixture,      but never getting very light.
  • Lines: Light      Gray mixed w/ water
  • Lines: Light      Gray
  • Lines: White      (edge highlighting)

It’s really just a darker version of the formula used for the statue, so it shouldn’t be too hard to figure out.

Wh39kWhiteMarble (5)One point here where I had success was with the striations in the black marble.  Unlike in the berserker, I made these very fine, and I think the overall result is much better.  Lesson learned…

I also toyed with the idea of adding color to the model.  Possibly painting up some of the Omega symbols in a blue-stone finish, or his eyes like red stone/gems.  I ultimately opted against it because I didn’t know where I’d stop, and worried about making the piece seem too cartoonish.

The base did come with a damaged acquila on it though, so I opted to paint that in metallic tones (really, a very similar job that I did the bronze statues in, but with greater highlights and no green patina effect.

This time, I opted to spray the entire model in gloss finish (as it was all marble), and then I painted on a couple of coats of matt varnish over the metals.

I’m also just now noticing that I didn’t put his “loincloth” on (what is the right term for the strips that hang in front on Romans/Ultramarines?).  Whatever it’s called, I did prime it, but I forgot to paint it up and affix it to him.  I’m not sure it’s necessary though—so maybe I’ll go back and add it, then again… maybe I won’t.

I’m pleased enough with the overall effect though, that I figure I’ll duplicate it again.  I might have even found the paint scheme for the giant eagle atop of myAquila Strongpoint.  I was debating whether to paint it yellow or white, but why not marble?  Of course, it doesn’t make sense from a structural integrity standpoint (especially considering it’s the only AV15 building in the game), but it might look nifty…

Wh39kWhiteMarble (4)  Wh39kWhiteMarble (3)  Wh39kWhiteMarble (4)  Wh39kWhiteMarble (6)


7 comments on “White Marble Statues

  1. It looks excellent! Good call on not doing any brightly coloured details too. It’d be interesting to see what the ‘loincloth’ looks like, but I think it looks perfectly fine as it is.

    I think the marble colouring is really nice and I think the only (very minor) criticism I would make is the one you’ve already identified. It could probably do with a bit more contrast. Even just a bit more white on top of the model and some mud/dirt around the legs, on the base and perhaps in a few places where water and grime would gather, would do the trick. Then again, it looks so good as it is, that I probably wouldn’t bother going back to it.

    • Mahalo sir.

      I’ve never really done any weathering on my models. Since I started painting back in the early 90’s, when the style was to paint very cleanly, my style has kind of stuck back there. While I like the look of weathering, I like to think of the Ultramarines as the snobby sort that carries around bottles of armorall and terry cloth towels to buff their stuff between battles.

      • We’ve had to agree to disagree on this before, I recall! 🙂

        On this occasion though my suggestion was not so much aimed at achieving a more realistic result but as a way of getting more contrast on to the model. More white at the top is one way. Making it darker around the base/bottom is another.

        But as I said, it looks very fine as it is, and I certainly don’t feel it needs either of the above. If it was me, and I’d already varnished it, I wouldn’t bother.

      • You’re awesome.

        You make great suggestions, but I’m hesitant to comply. Most of the time I think this due to two reasons: the fact that I don’t post WIP shots and that I don’t like to repaint anything (figuring it was better to paint one of my many unpainted figures than to go retouch up a finished product).

        I do appreciate the feedback, and one day I might have everything done (yeah right), and can get around to implementing some of your suggestions.

        Thanks, as always for the feedback.

  2. Very nice job with the marble effects. Could you upload one photo zoomed in on the marble veins please? I’d like to see the effects up close.
    Also, I can suggest you use upload an image plugin like Simple Lightbox or Slimbox which helps with people clicking on your images, it pops it up in front of the post as a new box in front of the original post.
    Thanks for sharing and great work! 🙂

    • I’ll email you a larger pic–per your request. Since I use the free version of wordpress, I don’t have a significant amount of space to upload large photos.

      I appreciate the image plugin recommendations as well, and used to have something like that, but plugins seem to be a strict no-no on the free version of wordpress. Unless you know of a trick to make them work without paying?

  3. That’s fantastic. I love the marble colour, yes you could go whiter but equally it works already. The only extra colours I would add would be along the lines of what Angelic Despot said, but perhaps add some green mildew effects, although that could look like some ill conceived verdigris. However I’m pretty sure you can get some technical model paints that will recreate that organic effect accurately.

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