Trading Marine Bits for Skaven

wh39k-SkavenMarineTrade (2)A guy had posted that he’d a Skaven army for sale on a local message board, and I’ve got some weird addiction to picking up Skaven.  This is partly because I just love their flavor (though I don’t play WHFB at all), partly because I use Skaven as Demons in 40k for my Chaos army (on a purely theoretical basis–seeing as I don’t play with unpainted models anymore), and it also has something to do with a potential deal I have in the works to trade bulk raw models for painting services (more to come on that later).

Whatever the case, I decided that if I could pick these up cheaply, I would give it a go.

I sent him a message and asked if he possibly wanted anything for trade, to which he expressed interest in some marine (Iron Hand) models.  While I didn’t have any specific IH bits, I figured there had to be something he’d like to take some sting out of paying cash for models.

wh39k-SkavenMarineTrade (1)He’d originally advertised that he simply had some Isle of Blood boxed sets, and that was good enough for me, but when he showed up, it turned out that he had um.. more.  I’m hesitating now because I’m not exactly sure what to call them.  I think they’re properly referred to as Storm Vermin and a Warp Lightning Canon.  I’m also unclear how many boxes of IoB models he’d claimed to have.  I know he said some of the parts were missing out of at least one of the boxes, but I was making the deal based upon the assumption of approximately four boxes.

Now, in retrospect, his post clearly says “180 clan rats, 12 rat ogres, 4 engineers and 4 warlords,” though I’m still not exactly sure how accurate that is.  I think it’s relatively so.  I also counted the models, and the numbers don’t add up, but in weird ways (though I’m going from memory here).  I remember about 170ish rats, and fewer warlords, but it also has the various weapon teams, etc.  I think his numbers were reasonably accurate though and–if anything–I might have come out on top overall.

Anywho, as I said, he was interested in some marines, so I let him pick through my various boxes of bits and models to come up with something he’d want in trade.  What he dug up was:

  • wh39k-MarineSkavenTrade (3)Space Marine Techmarine w/ Servo Harness (complete)
  • Black Templar Captain Draco (missing sword)
  • 2nd Edition SM Techmarine (missing Axe)
  • Pedro Cantor’s Gun arm & backpack
  • Darnath Lysander (with 2nd Edition Thunderhammer substitution)
  • 1x 2nd edition metal Apothecary
  • 4x 2nd edition metal Servitors
  • 3x Masters of the Chapter.  One was relatively complete, others were missing bits and/or modified.
  • 1x Mk. 8 Space Marine chest armor
  • 1x  thunder hammer from Inquisitor Coteaz
  • 1x Iowa Jima diorama (base only)
  • 1x Sternguard Veteran
  • 1x Space Marine plastic head
  • 3x SM Assault marines w/ jump packs
  • 7x SM Assault marines w/ bolt pistol & chain sword

NOTE: though pictured, he refused to take the 2nd Edition Ork.  His loss…

wh39k-MarineSkavenTrade (2)It’s really hard to put a value on all of that stuff.  Most of it has been in my box for years, and though a few of those bits I really cherished (the Mk8 armor, Coteaz’ Hammer, &  some of the Masters of the Chapter bits), they’ve done nothing for me in all of the years I’ve had them, so I set them free…  But value-wise, it’s hard to pin them down.  It’s easy to say what a complete Lysander is worth–but how much is he worth when he’s missing his hammer (and where on Earth did that hammer go, anyway?).   I guess I could try to tally up a value to this list, but there are so many models that are missing parts, and so many that aren’t available anymore, it’d be hard to find a place.

The question I have to ask myself is: was it a reasonable deal?  Well, you’re comparing a Warp Lightning Cannon ($33) plus a box of storm vermin ($49.50) plus somewhere in the ballpark of four Isle of Blood boxes ($???) for a bunch of bits worth ($???).  I honestly don’t know how to rate that.

wh39k-MarineSkavenTrade (1)The trade itself, was a marathon.  He wound up showing up late and then we just talked about the game and the local scene, etc. for–quite frankly, way too long.  I think the whole thing took about 5.5 hours.  I do recall that towards the end, he suggested he might want to build a squad of tactical marines out of my bits, and I thought that was too much.  I mentioned that I wouldn’t mind him making 3 or so, but 10 just seemed over the top.  Ultimately he wound up just keeping what he had.

Based upon that, we both seemed  content with the deal, so we shook hands and called it a day.

So now the question: do you think I got a good deal?

By now, you’ve probably guessed that these are some of the Skaven that I used in an attempted trade with Cole to get my goblin army painted.   In case you’re wondering: yes, that deal got approved (though not with the level of specificity that I wanted).  We’ll see in time how that goes as well…


2 comments on “Trading Marine Bits for Skaven

    • I tried multiple times to talk him out of it–but clearly, I failed.

      I’m very happy with the transaction though. Mostly because both of the armies are now out of my house and it freed up half a closet worth of space.

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