No Tyranid Pre-orders (for me)

Obviously, I’m a bit of an addict when it comes to Tyranids (if you don’t believe me, check out this post).  It also seems like an eventuality that I’ll order some of the new Tyranids when they’re released this month.  I’ve gone so far as to tally up what I want, and have almost placed the order.

For the record, my wants list is:

  • 1x Codex
  • 2x Harpy/Hive Crone
  • 2x Haruspex/Exocrine
  • 1x Tyranid Psychic Cards

That’s it.  Frankly, it doesn’t much matter if the new units are even bad, as I like  to have a lot of variety in choosing my lists  (unless they’re pyrovore bad, mind you).  If they’re particularly good, I could see myself possibly even buying one more of each of the Harpy/Exocrine (which will, naturally, be magnetized so I can run either option).  Based upon the rumors, it’s also possible that I’d buy a handful of gaunts to add to my force as well (if it really takes a squad of 30 to unlock a Tervigon—I only have squads of 22 now).

But I’ve just now decided that I won’t be pre-ordering anything.

Really, the only incentive to do so, is to ensure that you get them as quickly as possible—which is absurd for me, based upon the fact that I play a game every 5-6 weeks on average (based upon last year’s numbers).  Besides, I’ll wind up purchasing them from thewarstore, so there’s already a delay injected into the process.

The one thing I’d like to have sooner, rather than later, is a copy of the Codex.  So, it’s possible that I might wander over to the “local” hobby store and pick that up ahead of time.  I know I should support the local store, but frankly, it’s 21 miles from  my house, so it really isn’t all that local to me.

Anywho, I do intend to do some write-ups on the codex, as I did with the 5th edition Tyranid book, but that will have to wait until I get my copy of the ‘dex.  I’d expect it before too too long though…

Hopefully the actual book doesn’t come out as dour as the rumors are making it to be.  Some of the things I’d love to see in the new book are:

  • Cost of MC’s come down (lots of rumors on this)
  • Survivability of MC’s to go up (better armor, invulnerable saves or toughness)
  • Spread out the Elites
  • Deal with the weirdness of tyranid exclusions (no allies, no firing fortifications, etc.)
  • Make some of the really bad units playable (pyrovores, hormagaunts, rippers, shrikes).

The rumors thus far that seem bothersome include:

  • Possibly losing Biomancy (OUCH!)
  • Ymgarls losing first turn charge (or not existing (or possibly gone completely)
  • Requiring full 30/32 man termagant squads to make Tervigons troops (only because my squads are 22 man strong)
  • Rippers going up in price seems to dramatically decrease the chance they’ll ever see play (not that they ever do).
  • Loss of Parasite of Mortrex (I actually had a model for this) — but not a big deal
  • Rumors of a loss of attacks for many models across the board

Still, they’re only rumors at this time, so I’ll take them with a grain of salt.  There are also some reasonably good ones about as well.  I guess we’ll see this weekend when the blogosphere goes nuts with confirmations…




8 comments on “No Tyranid Pre-orders (for me)

  1. Waiting on a codex to drop for an army you love is a mixed bag. You’re excited to see what new goodies you get but also aware that some things you enjoy will get sidelined for one reason or another. The hope is always that the new cool stuff outweighs the losses and I have to say that so far the 6th codices have done well by this.

    • Sadly, I haven’t kept on top of 6th edition to date, so I don’t know if that’s true, but I’ll take your word for it. I didn’t see all that much change in the marine ‘dex (except they ruled for some reason that I can’t take an Ultramarine Vulkan, or other special characters–which flies in the face of selling more models). Otherwise, I didn’t see all that much change in the book. To be honest though, I haven’t actually played a game with the new ‘dex, or even made an army, so probably shouldn’t jump to conclusions on that front either.

      I guess we’ll see soon for the Tyranids though…

  2. I’m not bulking up my unborn Nid force yet either. I preordered the digital Dex, and that’s about it. I’m a codex completest, meaning I own every codex, but only play Marines. I’m tempted to keep working on Nids, but since I have so much unbuilt/on sprue stuff, the temptation to flip it all for cash is very strong. I only play once a month, at best, so a second army just feels silly.

    • I used to buy every codex, but then I thought about just how much money I was blowing each edition. They put out 7 ‘dexes in 2013, plus 5 codex supplements, 3 expansions and 3 apocalypse books. With the average price being $50 each that’s about $900 in books alone.

      Egads, can that really be true? That’s just insane.

      Granted, this year has been exceptional, and the price of books has doubled in the past few years, so it hasn’t been that drastic in the past…

      And when 7th edition is released in 1-3 years (or this year, if you believe some of the rumors), all of those books amount to some silly fluff and you have to buy them all over again? Ugh, no thank you.

      Enough of that rant though. How many bugs do you really own? Is it an entire force? Would you ditch your painted stuff too? I mean, if you’re really considering selling, the best time is around the release of a new codex, when there’s so much hype, but I have such a hard time selling painted models–especially if they’re as great as your stuff is.

      • Yeah, all that money spent on new codexes is pretty significant, especially when it’s all sitting there largely as reference material. I have this awful habit of being a rules know-it-all, which I’m sure Thor and the other guys at our FLGS enjoy to no end. It may just be time to put all those unplayed codexes on eBay or bartertown, since I’m at a point in my life where I don’t play hardly at all, and keeping up really isn’t as important as it used to be.
        I don’t buy the expansion stuff like Apoc, though, so that keeps my costs down a tiny bit.
        As for my bugs…it’s a good amount that I don’t have an exact count of. I know I have 10 or so Warriors, a Carnifex, a whole lot of Genestealers, Hormas, and some Lictors who need stripping. I’ve only assembled and painted the Hive Tyrant and five Genestealers thus far. I put together one Horma for giggles, but never even primed him.
        I really like painting the Nid models, but just don’t ever see myself playing them. I could see myself selling painted nids, but the thing with them seems to be that anyone willing to buy prepainted Nids is either going to respray them or alter them in some way, and so they’re not willing to pay the dollars I’d like to get for my time.

      • Yeah, if you’re looking to sell painted stuff, it’s best to stick to generic armies/schemes. Those are the ones that will ultimately fetch the best prices–and I think much of what draws people to bugs in the first place is that they can paint them any colors they want, so it’s probably the worst force to try to resell.

        Still, it doesn’t hurt to throw them up on ebay with a reserve and see what happens. Alternately, you can just post them up as available for sale/trade on your blog and see if you get any takers. What’s the pain in that?

        On another note, I had no idea you lived near Thor. Absolutely no idea you had any association really. Maine must be a happening place…

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