Great Iphone Games: Lords of Waterdeep

LordsofWaterdeepIt’s been a while since I came up with a game for the iphone that I found compelling enough to write about.  Last week though, I stumbled across Lords of Waterdeep.

I’d first heard about the game from theD6Generation, where they gave it an absurdly positive review.  In effect, every one of them gave it the equivalent of a 9 or a 10 (on a  scale of 10).  Technically speaking, they use a completely different scale, and I don’t want to delve into the “patented d6 generation rating system” on this post, so suffice it to say, the reviews were glowing.

In fact, when they discussed it, they said that there wasn’t a time when they’d played it that someone didn’t wind up buying a copy of the game as a result of it.

Based upon those reviews, I purchased a copy last year (or rather, added it to my Xmas list, so the wife could purchase it for me).   And my experience, echo’d what was said on the original review.  Though, D&D in flavor, the game is truly enjoyable to all walks of life.  I’ve never played a game with people who didn’t enjoy it tremdendously, and my owning it has inspired several people to go out and buy copies of their own.

Now, you can own a digital adaptation of the game for $6.99.  There really can be no doubt on this one.  If you like board games at all, this should be in your repertoire.


3 comments on “Great Iphone Games: Lords of Waterdeep

  1. You know, I’m not much of an iPhone gamer these days. I used to play a little of Words and other random stuff from time to time but based on the fact that I have to stare at that bloody thing so much of the time for emails, texts, and bloody Reddit while I’m dropping a 1-inch turd and a foot-long fart, I just don’t want to spend more time gaming on the thing.

    However, since Xmas is coming and there WILL be iTunes gift cards, I think I will pick this game up, simply because my buddy Rob took the time to blog about it.

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