Ebay 2013: The Aftermath (Fall Edition)

So, the Fall ebay auctions have come and past, and I’m happy with the overall outcome.  In total, the auctions netted far more than I expected–well, that’s not exactly fair.  Since I didn’t do any math ahead of time, and they were a mish-mash from various purchases over the years, I had no idea what to expect, but I wasn’t expecting it to go that high for some reason.  So, I thought I’d do a blog post trying to figure out what went wrong and what went right.

What Went Wrong:

As always, several of the auctions just fell flat.  This is a chance you run when you put everything up for $.01, but it always stings a little bit.  Still, I think having a few fall flat is ok, because it probably is made up for in bids from other auctions, and it at least gets the stuff out of my house (which was a big part of the original plan here).

Particular flops this time around:

Description MSRP Sales Price % of MSRP
Carnivean from Hordes’ Legion   of Everblight 35 1.25 3.57%
Painted Lizardman Salamander 29.75 1.25 4.20%
3x 40k Greater Demons 57.75 15.5 26.84%
Dark Angel Librarian Ezekiel 17 2.25 13.24%

As with every set of auctions, there are some that just don’t cut the mustard.  Naturally, the first two are the most depressing, as they were a brand new model (in the case of the Carnivean) and a beautifully painted model (in the case of the salamander).  I’m not sure why either didn’t sell–you could argue that the salamander without handlers hurt his chances, as did the fact that the other model has since come out in plastic, but neither of those justifies why they were more than 95% off retail price.

What Went Right:

There were, of course, positives too.  As always, there are a few auctions that sell for more than their current retail prices, but those are few and far between.  Frankly, I’m happy when I get more than 60% for a model, and there were quite a few of them.  A sampling is included in the chart below:

Description MSRP Sales Price % of MSRP
3x Metal Ultramarines Honor Guard 35.4 31 87.57%
Metal Changeling of Tzeentch 19.25 20.51 106.55%
42x Broken Genestealers N/A 53.77 N/A
Metal High Marshal Helbrecht 20.75 18.75 90.36%
FireStorm Redoubt 65 41.5 63.85%
Predator (assembled) 57.75 40.25 69.70%
Dark Eldar Slave Girls 13.25 30 226.42%
Drop Pod (broken) 37.25 31 83.22%
2x Metal Thunderfire Cannons 112 112 100.00%

ebay-logoThe biggest thing to note was that metal models tend to sell quite well–presumably because of a general disdain for finecast (though that doesn’t explain why Ezekiel was in the bottom 5%).  I’m happy about that because I have a ton of old metal models sitting on shelves that need to be moved.  So that’s at least good news.  Otherwise, the models that fetched high prices aren’t too unusual.  I was surprised that the drop pod went for so much, but  I’ve heard that they’re a pain to assemble, so maybe that explains that price.

The other outlier is the lot of broken genestealers.  Despite being older models–more than half of which were broken/mangled, they still sold for more than $1 each.   While that’s not a killing, I was practically ready to throw these out, so that’s $50 I just wasn’t expecting.

Profit Margin:

It’s too early to be talking about this for a variety of reasons: not everyone has paid yet (and I’m suspecting some dead-beats in this lot), I don’t know what shipping is actually going to run, I don’t know what (if any) refunds will need to be given, etc.  So, I should probably hold off on that for a week or two to really decide how profitable a venture this was.

Whether or not it made money, I’m happy with the results, because I’ll have cleaned out a significant amount of space in the garage.  Thanks to everyone who bid on things.  And keep an eye out, as I have entire armies of Orks and Imperial Guard that have yet to see ebay–but those will probably wait until next year.

6 comments on “Ebay 2013: The Aftermath (Fall Edition)

  1. I can’t speak to any of the WarmaHordes stuff, as I don’t play that particular game.
    In regards to the 40K and WHFB stuff, it might be several things.
    Painted single WHFB models don’t tend to sell all that well. If it’s really well done, it may not match anyone’s army colors (especially for stuff like Lizards or Bretonnia who end up having a very wide array of custom color schemes).
    Ezekiel is always a poor seller, both because of his rules and the sheer number of models available. There are always fistfuls of Ezekiel models available on eBay for a variety of prices, and very few actual buyers.

    Metals do tend to sell better these days, so long as your prices start low enough. There’s a seller out there who lists metal marine models for STUPID prices. $40 for a blister of two Scouts with Needle Rifles?! He/she also always lists all the metal models as RARE! LTD! OOP! Ugh.

    Broken Nid models somehow manage to sell well. I sold a couple lots of horribly painted and broken Nids for prices that stunned me. I was also ready to throw them all in the trash, but someone out there paid well for them.

    Dro pods always sell nowa days, especially with the new Codex. Pods and bikes are the new hotness for Marines.

    I also snicker when I see people bid like mad on those Dark Eldar Slave Girls. I’m guessing people don’t realize they’re still available from GW on the web site.

    • You’re probably right across the board on this stuff–but it just struck me as unusual.

      I’ve yet to play a game with the new marine codex, but I did read it through. Why would drop pods be better in this edition?

      As for the slave girls, I think that’s right. It’s the “female commissar” effect, and people pay more because they think they’re limited. They’re also metal though, so that might have something to do with it (I assume the GW ones are now finecast?)

      • Pods are the most reliable way to deliver some of the new toys in the book, like grav guns. Along with the improved chances for reserves in 6th, and it’s a pretty neat build. Then add in the new Chapter Tactics that allow you to do some interesting things (Salamanders with flame and melta, Ultramarines with rerolls, etc) and it’s a flexible build.

        And yes, the updated Prisoners are finecast.

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