WIP: Legion of the Damned (Revisted)

Last week, amidst the bustle of ebay auctions, I’d posted a few quick pics of the Legion of the Damned I was working on.  I’ve been procrastinating painting anything, but between my load of self-guilt and some gentle prodding by Thor (of Creative Twilight fame), I finally managed to hunker down and paint something.

Wh39kLotDWIP (2)Granted, I didn’t find a lot of time to work on them, but enough to actually make some sizable progress.  I was able to essentially finish the flames, and get a few coats on the bone.  For posterity’s sake, the recipe I was using for the flames is:

  • VMC Burnt Cadmium Red
  • Blood Red
  • Blood Angels Orange
  • Bad Moon Yellow
  • VMC Light Yellow

In all actuality, the colors are blended a bit with the ones that come before to make the transitions smoother (with the exception of the final highlight).

The skulls are a little different than normal as well:

  • <Brown>
  • Graveyard Earth
  • Graveyard Earth mixed with <BEIGE>
  • <BEIGE>

The difference here is I’ve historically used GW paints for this, but as I’ve run out of Bestial Brown & Bleached Bone, I’ve switched to craft paints from Michael’s.  These still need some work, and I’ll most likely work on more subtlety between the colors and hit the very highlights with white.

Wh39kLotDWIP (1)I’m amazed at how many bone bits are on them–I keep finding ones that I missed.  Doing these guys in an assembly line fashion is interesting, as I’m not exactly sure what to do next.  I started off with the flames (I wanted to see how they’d look), and then moved to the bone (as it was the messiest), and now am doing the red weapons (to get them done beneath the various skulls).  So, while they’re nowhere near done, I’ve accomplished enough to make me feel like I did something this weekend.

Sadly, this week is likely to be dominated with ebay auction aftermath, but I’m hopeful to make some more progress on these guys in the near future.



4 comments on “WIP: Legion of the Damned (Revisted)

    • Thanks. Basically no progress this week (spent all free time packing auctions and travelling to the post office); hopefully next week is a little more conducive to hobby progress!

      Any chance we’ll see you tonight?

      • Well I just got home and put on pjs…not that there’s a dress code or something, but this week kicked my ass and I’m not sure I’m up for another beating.

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