How to stretch your hobby dollars

ScreamersOpen5Box (Large)It should be no surprise that this week is my ebay week–based upon the previous posts alone.  Each time, there are some amazing auctions that go for mere pennies on the dollar, and I can never figure out why.  This time around is no exception.

Out of 84 total auctions I’m running, a full 27 of them are still under $2!  On top of that, 11 of those are at $1 or less, including some real steals.  Below is a synopsis of these rock bottom items:

Current Price Description Retail Price % of Retail
$0.01 4x   Cold Ones & 2x Salamanders $94.50 0.01%
$0.01 5x   Screamers of Tzeentch (new in the box!) $49.58 0.02%
$0.01 Current   Edition Tyranid Codex $33.00 0.03%
$0.01 Previous   Edition Space Marine Codex N//A #VALUE!
$0.06 Privateer   Press Carnivean $34.99 0.17%
$0.11 Metal   Dark Angels Librarian Ezekiel $17.00 0.65%
$0.16 Metal   Chaplain w/ Jump Pack (latest version) $19.25 0.83%
$1.00 Fantastically   painted Lizardman Salamander $29.75 3.36%
$1.00 12x   Genestealers (new in the box!) $45.00 2.22%
$1.00 Greater   Daemon of Slaneesh $57.75 1.73%
$1.00 Ultramarines   Character: Sicarius (metal) $19.25 5.19%

Salamander (1) (Large)Naturally, that first link is a little misleading because it’s incomplete models and older style, so while it says it’s 1/1000th of the retail cost, that’s not exactly true.  But if you look at them, you’ll find that most of them are in great condition (several still in the original packaging) and many of them are the latest version of the models–except that (where applicable) they’re metal and not finecast.

In my opinion, that makes them worth more than the ones from GW.

Still, they’re selling for barely fractions of the retail cost.  I mean, where else are you going to buy a greater deamon for $1?  And check out that Salamander–he’s a fantastic paint job…

KeeperofSecrets (2) (Large)Granted, I know that there are still a couple of days in the auction and I expect most of these to jump up quite a bit from where they are now.  Still, there are always a couple of auctions that leave me wondering what went wrong.  Why didn’t anyone want to bid more than $1-2 on a fantastic model?

If you’re interested in getting a fantastic deal, it’s worth at least adding them to your watch list.  Feel free to snipe them at the last minute and get a great deal.

By the way, at the current price, you could have everything for just $21.37 (including shipping).  That’s a savings of over 95% off retail… egads!

To see the rest of the auctions click here.

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