WIP: Legion of the Damned

wh39kLegionoftheDamned (1)Hobby progress has been relatively slow as of late.  I often chalk this up to “real life” getting in the way (which it does–quite often, in fact), but the sad truth is I’ve had a spell of “painters block.”  This has really spawned from wanting to paint things, but not knowing how I should begin.  From my city fight buildings (which I’m debating color scheme on) to my various fortifications (which I can’t seem to get the right paint consistency for my airbrush), I’m at self-imposed impasses.  Instead of progressing there, I find myself rabbit-trailing into other projects.

This week’s project: Legion of the Damned.

These are a unit that I’ve been fond of since they were originally released in 2nd edition.  Frankly though, who isn’t?  They’re covered in skulls and flames.  The fact that their lore is tied in strongly with the Ultramarines Chapter is just icing on the cake.

wh39kLegionoftheDamned (2)Anywho, the “new” models have been fantastic, and I wound up purchasing about two squads worth, but never got around to assembling them.  This week, I did just that.  In total, I assembled:

  • 8x Marines w/ Bolters
  • 1x Marine with Special Weapon
  • 2x Marine Sergeants
  • 5x Heavy Weapon Marines

The plan is to run them as one squad with several options, but with 16 total marines, I s’pose I could very easily run them as two squads in a pinch.  If you’re wondering why there’s so much variety, there’s a reason.  The five heavy weapon marines are because I had the weapons lying around and love to have options.  Normally, I only want two per squad, but I figured I’d give myself some variety here (c’mon, they’re cool looking).  The sarges are because I have an original Centurius model, but the one that comes in the boxed set is too cool looking not to use.

wh39kLegionoftheDamned (3)Since everyone knows how cool looking the normal models are, I figured I wouldn’t focus on them.  This is just a post to throw up the conversions I did (relatively minor swaps) and what bits I used.  You’ll find pictures of each marine scattered through this post.

  1. Special Weapon Marine:  This isn’t anything terribly fancy.  I just took the flamer marine, chopped off his weapon and magnetized his arm.  His gun is now completely interchangeable with the rest of my ultramarines.
  2. Bone Backpack:  Again, nothing fancy here.  I just happened to have a spare backpack off Canis Wolfborn and thought it looked suitable for one of these guys.  So, a little drilling and gluing, and voila!
  3. Plasma Canon:  This is a new LotD body (though I’m not certain exactly which one) with some random blood angels shoulderpads I had lying around (remnants of a purchase from last year).  I believe the head is from Maxmini, and the gun itself is just a plastic (gasp) devastator arm.
  4. wh39kLegionoftheDamned (4)Lascannon: This is a bad conversion, simply because I had the bits available.  I wouldn’t be too surprised if I pull it apart before it ever sees paint…
  5. Centurius:  The only conversion here is that I drilled a magnet into his back so that he could switch squad leader positions with the default model.  I figure this way I can use a cool, old model, and have an option in case I don’t want a power weapon.
  6. Missile Launcher:  This is by far my favorite of the lot.  Again, nothing terribly fancy, and I think I love it the most because I started with the coolest looking base mini.  It’s the LotD sarge with a spare flamer backpack (why not), and a “chaplain” style bit from Maxmini for the shoulder.  I expect this guy to see a fair bit of table time, based solely upon how cool he looks.

wh39kLegionoftheDamned (5)Anywho, not a huge update, but a little something to show that I’m still working on actual hobby progress.

By the way, if you’re interested in buying some Legion models, I have two squads worth for sale on ebay:

Of course, there are a ton of other auctions available as well including a bunch of Marines, Chaos, Daemons, and even some Eldar & WHFB stuff, so feel free to check out the rest of my auctions by clicking the link below:

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8 comments on “WIP: Legion of the Damned

    • Nothing really, but he’s so plain. It’s the flamer marine pose (which doesn’t have much in the way of skulls/flames on him) with a metal lascannon. The pose is a little wonky–but my big beef is that he just doesn’t look like a LotD trooper to me. I s’pose a paint job will do wonders to fix that though.

  1. I don’t think that matters: he’s in an unusual (and therefore interesting) pose, and the lascannon will draw attention. Lots of skulls and flames could clutter and overwhelm the miniatures. If he’s going to be used in a squad of skully and flamy legionnaires, he’ll look the part. The distinguishing thing about him is the lascannon, so he doesn’t need a lot of extra bling.

    • Well, the whole squad is basically black and covered in skulls and flames (At the very least, they’ll go in his shoulderpads). I’ll have to free-hand those though, so I’m wondering if he’ll stand out compared to the rest of the guys.

  2. Legion was always a favorite of mine as well. It’s one of those units I always wanted to get and never did. Probably the only unit I wanted to get just to paint.

    Speaking of, painting these guys may help with the funk. It’s a far more interesting unit to paint than the standard blue of Ultramarines or yet more buildings. I know full well how the normal painting routines can really leave you feeling uninspired.

    • I think these guys are a continuation of the funk. I’ve done some research on how to paint flames (never been a forte of mine), and am using that as an excuse not to actually paint them. I’m going to endeavor to put paint on some sort of model this weekend though–wish me luck!

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