Old School Ebay Auctions: Space Marines Galore…

BloodThirster (1) (Large)So, the time to sell has finally come, and I’ve put up another series of Ebay auctions.  These auctions went up last night and will expire on Sunday evening next weekend.

The bulk of the models are space marines, but I was pretty surprised to see that I had quite a few other auctions thrown in for good measure.  This includes:

ThunderFireB (Large)As always, I’ve set all of the auctions to start at just $.01 with pretty reasonable shipping charges.  Of course, my hope is that they skyrocket to make an actual profit, but that doesn’t always happen.  You can always get in on the ground floor for a minimum bid and perhaps win them for dirt cheap.

Likewise, I combine shipping on auctions.  In most cases, I charge about $1 more for each additional auction won beyond the first, but often I waive that as well.  Of course, if you buy lots of big heavy things, shipping is sometimes higher—but that’s certainly a rarity.

Some of the better items in this particular lot include:

There are also some great metal models like Tyhpus, Lysander, Ezekiel, Sicarius, & Helbrecht.  Again, these are all metal—no finecast.  So, if you want some great quality models, be sure to check out the auctions.

Anywho, I hope you can forgive me for whoring the blog out for a little attention to my sales.  Keep in mind, that all proceeds go to meet my frugal gaming goals.

So, if you have a moment, why don’t you check out my auctions by clicking this link!


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