Batrep: Space Wolves vs. Hive Fleet Proteus (2000pts)

This past weekend, we had a rather good turn-out for games (including the ever-studious, Cole, and the long-lost Andrew).  I wound up throwing down with Randall again, so he could school me a bit with his new Space Wolves…

Randall’s Space Wolves:

Though he did provide a list for me, I don’t have it on hand, so I’m going to try to go from memory here:

  • Warhammer39kRandal131001 (3)HQ:
    • Bjorn the Fell-Handed w/ Lascannon
    • Wolf Lord w/ Thunderhammer & Stormshield
    • Wolf Lord w/ Thunderhammer & Stormshield
  • Elites:
    • 1x Lone Wolf in Terminator armor
    • Iron Priest w/ 3x Cyberwolves
  • Troops:
    • 10x Grey Hunters w/ Powerfist & Melta Gun
    • 10x Grey Hunters w/ Powerfist & Melta Gun
    • 10x Grey Hunters w/ Powerfist & Flamer
  • Heavy Support:
    • 6x Long fangs inc. 4x Missile & 2x Plasma
    • Land Raider Crusader
    • Vindicator

After the game, we talked about his list and all came to the conclusion that it’s decent, but not “optimized.”  I don’t think he has any bad choices per se (except possibly the Iron Priest), but there was much talk about switching out the Wolf Lords for psykers.  Again, I don’t think this is necessary, because the list contains lots of good choices and I suspect Randall can probably improve his game more by learning to use the units he has rather than trying to optimize a particular list.

But I digress.  My army looked a little something like this:

Hive Fleet Proteus:

  • HQ:Warhammer39kRandal131001 (1)
    • Tervigon w/ Scything Talons, Toxin Sacs, Cluster Spines & Catalyst
  • Elites:
    • 2x Zoanthropes
    • 3x Zoanthropes (1x Biomancy: Enfeeble & Haemorrhage)
    • Doom of Malan’tai in Spore (Cluster Spines)
  • Troops:
    • 5x Genestealers inc. Broodlord w/ Scything Talons (Biomancy: Endurance)
    • 5x Genestealers inc. Broodlord w/ Scything Talons (Biomancy: Iron Arm)
    • 5x Genestealers inc. Broodlord w/ Scything Talons (Biomancy: NOTHING!)
  • Fast Attack:
    • 6x Raveners w/ Rending Claws
    • 6x Raveners w/ Rending Claws
    • 5x Spore Mines
  • Heavy Support:
    • Trygon Prime w/ Toxin Sacs
    • Trygon Prime w/ Toxin Sacs
    • 3x Biovores

My original plan was to go heavy in fast attack and see how that worked.  I started off with 5 shrikes, decked out with lashwhips/boneswords, but they were eventually cut from the list when I was sub 200 points and still didn’t have much real synapse.  I opted to cut them and replace them almost 1:1 points wise for Zoanthropes (which I really don’t play with enough).  The most interesting thing really about this list was that this was the first time that I’d rolled up a broodlord with absolutely no psychic powers.  I sure hope that isn’t possible in the next Tyranid codex.

The spore mines were a last minute addition.  I had 50 points to spare and wasn’t sure whether to include them, rippers, or gargoyles.  Common sentiment in the room was to go with the mines, so I did–and I’m pretty glad I listened to them…

Mission & Deployment:

Warhammer39kRandal131001 (7)Randall had setup terrain on his own (mental note: don’t let this happen too often), which lead to a fairly sparse board.  I’m sure it was purely coincidence that he played his most shooty version of wolves to date, and ‘nids are a fairly assault-based force.  He won the choice for sides, and went with the one he was already setup at.  Of course, this meant that I was stuck on my side–with almost no cover.

In fact, the only terrain at all within my deployment zone were two single trees, and a building–that was placed in such a way that the open end of it directly faced his deployment zone!  In total, this gave me right about zero cover, and there wasn’t much to hide behind as I advanced.

Luckily, I lost the roll for deployment and I got to react to where Randall setup, and he spread his vindicator and long fangs out in opposite corners.  This allowed me to completely ignore the vindicator for most of the game (spoiler alert!).

Warhammer39kRandal131001 (5)The mission was Big Guns Never Tire with long table edges & four objectives (I think all of which were placed in no-man’s land).

For warlord traits, I rolled up the one where I could strategically redeploy (no effect), and Randall got stealth & move through cover: ruins (which was decent, but there just weren’t enough ruins on the board to make much use of it).

We also played with a roll on the warzone table: frozen wasteland.  This meant that dangerous terrain was even more so, and plasma weapons couldn’t overheat.  Since there wasn’t any dangerous terrain on the board and I didn’t have any plasma (nor did Randall have much of it), this was fairly uneventful.

I did get to deploy the spore mines before the game began, and they happened to hit into the only elevated firing position on my opponent’s side.  After succeeding their dangerous terrain tests, they proved to be enough of a concern that he opted not to deploy his long fangs in that building.

I failed to seize initiative and he took the first turn…

Turn 1: Space Wolves

Warhammer39kRandal131001 (9)Randall shuffled his units around a bit and opened up fire with what he could.  Sadly, I couldn’t hide behind night fight, so he got to fire with impunity.   Lucky for me, his shooting wasn’t terribly accurate, and the targets he wanted to fire at mostly had cover and high toughness.  He managed to throw a couple of wounds on the Tervigon and another wound on a Trygon.  Aside from that, not much in the way of casualties for me.

Turn 1: Tyranids

Warhammer39kRandal131001 (11)I threw up the relevenant Feel No Pains where possible, and then proceeded to surge forward.  Since I was confined to one side of the board (dreadfully scared of that demolisher cannon), I found myself stepping on my own toes.  It was a bit of a traffic jam for a while, with the Zoanthrope screen blocking one Trygon from moving forward.

I couldn’t complain too much because the very first shot I fired in the game was a lance into the land raider: shattering it into a thousand pieces (thanks, brain bugs!).

Otherwise, there wasn’t much in the way of casualities caused by me.  I was able to get my Raveners within 4″ of an enemy, but they took a single wound and then proceeded to fail the charge (even with re-rolls).  Likewise, a squad of genestealers took three casualities to overwatch and then failed a 5″ charge on a nearby grey hunter squad.

In total, I took more damage from failed charges than I’d taken during an entire round of shooting…

Elsewhere, the spore mines drifted about randomly, and one was goodly enough to fall down and snipe the powerfist out of a grey hunter squad.  Between that kill and the fact that the long fangs didn’t deploy in the building because of their initial placement, I think these guys definitely earned their keep.  I’m not sure I’d use them on a regular basis (and most likely not in that size of a squad), but it was interesting to say the least…

Turn 2: Space Wolves

Warhammer39kRandal131001 (15)With a wall of ‘nidz in his face, Randall found himself falling into whatever cover he could fine (knowing I didn’t have grenades) and tapping with bolters.  I’m always amazed at how fast my 35 point raveners die to a hail of seemingly insignificant bolter fire.  Luckily, there were some genestealers nearby as well that were able to still growl menacingly (not that they did much more than that, mind you).

Many smaller bugs died, but the larger stuff came out mostly unscathed.  But that wasn’t universally true.  After popping smoke in the first round, Bjorn advanced and starting plugging lascannon-sized holes into my Tervigon.

Turn 2: Tyranids

Warhammer39kRandal131001 (17)The Doom landed on the far side of the field (near the Vindicator that had been chasing me), and promptly sucked the life out of the Iron Priest and all of his mangy mutts.  He also plinked away (slowly) at the nearby grey hunters, but never mustered enough oomph to really threaten the vindicator.

The zoanthropes, content with the damage they’d caused previously, completely whiffed for the turn.  Between deny the witch rolls, bad scatters, and fantastic cover saves, I don’t think those five guys did a lick of damage that entire turn.

In the assault, my raveners thudded into the long fangs–not doing all that much damage, but at least stopping the rain of plasma/missiles.  In midfield, the Trygon gorged himself sick on wolf lords & grey hunters.  I guess his eyes were bigger than his stomache, so he let the other ravener squad eat his leftovers.

The Tervigon charged the lone wolf, but only managed to take a wound out of it.  She was fairly innaccurate with her weapons (but not so much that her scything talons actually helped out).

Turn 3: Space Wolves

Warhammer39kRandal131001 (17)With his right flank collapsing, Randall did what he could to shore up support.  He boltered down the nearby ravener squad (who failed all but one save, despite having a +1 save and being in a ruin).  The vindicator also had moved close enough to fire off a shot, but he only managed to do a single wound on the Trygon.

Bjorn joined the lone wolf and together they put a royal beating on the Tervigon, but she still had a single wound.

Turn 3: Tyranids

Warhammer39kRandal131001 (22)With the help of the genestealers, the long fangs finally found peace, while the Trygon charged into another grey hunter squad and promptly ate them up as well (for those keeping score, that’s 2x troops and an HQ eaten by him), though they did drop him to a single wound left.

The other Trygon leaped in to save the Tervigon and promptly dismantled Bjorn through glancing hits alone.  Of course, he exploded, but my models were relatively unscathed.  Likewise, a spare Broodlord moved forward to help with the lone wolf.

Most of my other units were unengaged, so they wandered off to try to score on objectives for later in the game.  The only exception was the Doom, who was promptly sucking three wounds out of himself to power up his psychic ability, and then missing so badly as to not regain any wounds.  By the end of the turn, he was down to a measly 2 wounds left…

Turn 4: Space Wolves

Warhammer39kRandal131001 (26)The doom, sadly, perished to a volley of bolters.  Nearby another wolf lord charged in to destroy the mycetic spore: a combat that would see no one walk away (and not just because the spore is immobile): both compatents killed each other.

In the only other combat, the lone wolf died to the broodlord before getting a chance to strike back–freeing up the Tervigon to do um… I guess get shot?

The vindicator was able to throw another wound on a Trygon, and kill off a nearby zoanthrope (who had failed a perils test earlier in the game).

Turn 4: Tyranids

Warhammer39kRandal131001 (24)The vindicator was nuked by the surviving zoanthrope, and the rest of my forces ambled around confused.  Though you can technically move through ruins, I’m not a fan of physically moving through three story walls like they’re not even there, and I didn’t want to walk around the ruin to get to the opening–knowing that my opponent couldn’t possibly win the game (he had just a few models alive in a single troop selection, and I had 3 heavy support choices and three troops still alive).

Though he would eventually insist on continuing under the motto of “Dave wouldn’t give up, so I won’t,” those words eventually fell flat when I told him I was just going to walk away.  The game was unusually long and it was getting late, so I didn’t want to try to play cat and mouse in an attempt to table him.

What I Learned:

  • I need to be more consistent with rules.  Biovores should use the large template, and I recall doing that with spore mines, but not with the actual biovores.  At times I wind up cheating myself, and I’m sure I wind up cheating other players as well.  Consistency (and accuracy) is something I should strive for.
  • Space Wolves get a ton of attacks.  Cole taught me this before, but I’d forgotten it.  Most everything in the army seems to get at least three attacks–even when I charge it!  That’s ricockulous.  I’m not sure there’s much I can do about that though, seeing as I don’t typically have alot of shooting…
  • Vehicles get Deny The Witch saves.  Who’d’ve thunk?
  • I need to vary my unit choices up more.  Next game I think I’ll try a lictor/mawloc list for giggles….

4 comments on “Batrep: Space Wolves vs. Hive Fleet Proteus (2000pts)

  1. They were Wolf Guard Battle leaders not Wolf Lords, essentially the battle leader is a Captain, where the Lord is a Chapter Master.

    Battle Leaders aren’t that great when you consider the points needed to make them Lords vs the increases they get. All that said, Space Wolf Rune Priests are pretty fantastic, so as general advice i would recommend them, certainly when your bringing two Battle leaders.

    • Thanks for giving me a comparison that I recognize.

      Still, I don’t think they were bad choices, per se–an IC that you can throw in a unit with terminator armor and a storm shield is a fairly nice choice (they both annoyed me thoroughly in the game–especially with two wounds), but I agree that psykers would’ve likely been nastier (especially if they could get the same equipment).

    • Thanks. I can’t take credit for the board–Brandon brought his GW Realm of Battle board over, and that’s what we played on. The ruins are unpainted, but still showing promise. One day I’ll actually paint something again…

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