Selling Marines, Tyranids, CSM and way too much more!

I’ve been lax in my selling of armies this year (so much so that I violated my Frugal Gaming goal of never dipping into the red to purchase hobby materials this year).  I’ve resigned myself to that fact, but I do want to get back into the black before the end of the year.  Luckily, I have several armies to sell, but I just have to get off my duff to do so.

For my first foray, the focus is Space Marines (whose codex just came out).  It’s a pretty long process to sort it out, take photos, create all of the ebay auction descriptions, etc.  But that’s what I’m in the process of doing.  At this stage, I need to spend some time this week and create auctions.

However, for those of you that aren’t interested in ebay and want to make an offer now, please do so.  That’s a little less work for me.  I’m not going to put prices on anything because frankly, I always start ebay auctions at $.01 and see where they go from there.  Sometimes things go for far to cheap, but as a whole, they do alright.  I will say that my goal is typically to net about 50-60% of MSRP so that should give you an idea of a ballpark of what I’m looking for.

Of course, that’s a goal that isn’t always met, and some auctions (like that fantastically painted Avatar) I expect to go for far more than that; while auctions for damaged pieces will obviously go for less.  It also makes sense to give people breaks for buying large amounts.

Oh, for offers, please include what you want to pay total (including shipping).  I’d love to have you pay the exact shipping, but it’s fiddly to get a partial payment, then go to the post office, determine the actual price, and then resend money.  For local people, shipping is obviously free, but I’d ask you to pick them up either at my house in Eagle River, or at/near my office in midtown Anchorage (M-F, 8-5pm).

Anywho, after the jump are photos of the 110+ auctions I’m considering posting.  Included are 15+ space marine bikes (most are new on sprue), some forgeworld stuff, a bunch of dreadnoughts, 50+ genestealers, lots of metal characters (I don’t do finecast), and really a ton of stuff.  Like I said, it’s mostly marines, but there are some good bug & chaos stuff too.

Keep in mind, that there are multiple pictures for many of the auctions to give you an idea of camera angles, etc, so there are 200+ photos, but I intend to condense those to 110ish auctions.

Photos of everything available can be found at this link:

A sampling of things available can be found below to whet your appetite.  If you’re interested in anything, please reply here with an offer, or email


-RobScreamers5sealed (Large) TzeentchPainted (1) (Large) EldarAvatar (5) (Large) BloodThirster (1) (Large) LandRaider (2) (Large) LemanRuss (1) (Large) JuggersPainted5 (2) (Large) Vindicator (2) (Large) IlyadChaosMorphes (1) (Large) FWChaosUpgrade (1) (Large) FirestormRedoubt (1) (Large) DreadDA-FW (2) (Large) LandRaiderChaos (4) (Large) MarineBikes5B (Large) ThunderFireA (Large) EldarBits (2) (Large) ChaosSpawn (1) (Large)


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