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wh39kPegasusBuildings (8)Earlier this week, I posted a warning about eye protection, that came as a result of an occular adhesion incident (or what very nearly could’ve been one).  This all happened while I was assembling some terrain from Pegasus Hobbies.

Interestingly enough, those models had been sitting in my closet since December of 2010.  I never would’ve guessed it’d been that long, but the blog doesn’t lie.  Sure enough, I have a post from back then that details what I received for Xmas that year.

wh39kPegasusBuildings (7)By the way, if I might interject a bit, I’d like to say that I’m really happy that I have this blog.  While it certainly isn’t a hub of internet activity, it’s doing a great job of documenting what I’ve done with the hobby for the past four years.  Case in point, when I went to assemble the terrain, I could’ve sworn that I was missing a box of something–but I couldn’t find it anywhere.  I also couldn’t find a receipt in my email because it was all purchased from my family members.  Then I remembered the blog!  Sure enough, I had written a post that documented everything that I’d received (for the record, I was mistaken about missing a box).

Anywho, the boxes we’d cracked open included:

Again, all of those products are from Pegasus Hobbies and the links are directly to my favorite retailer: the War Store.  In total, that comes to $114.90 and includes shipping anywhere in the United States (even Alaska–though it’s sad that statement has to be included as we’re obviously within the U.S.).

wh39kPegasusBuildings (4)I had originally suspected I’d have ordered some of the Gothic City Building small sets (with the various arches & butressses), but I guess that never happened.  In hind sight, that wasn’t such a bad thing, as I’m bordering on too much terrain as it is.

Anyway, Brandon and I were the only ones to show up to gaming that week, so we sat down and started assembling some terrain.  I’d originally hoped to have the buildings all assembled, based and painted (or at least base coated), but it turns out that was far too optimistic for a single evening.  Still, I think we made good progress.

wh39kPegasusBuildings (9)By the end of the night, we’d assembled all of the buildings with the various bits they came with, and Brandon had even gotten a little creative with some embelishments (more on those below).  But there’s still quite a bit of work that needs to go into them (adding GW bits, character, rubble, etc.) before I can even think about painting them.  I also took the liberty of using some brass etch supplied to me by theRhino over at Thin Your Paint.  He sent them to me in the hopes that they would work for my Fortress of Redemption, but they were, alas, too small.  Still, I knew they wouldn’t go to waste.  Thanks again Rhino! He’s a fine chap there, with a great blog, so go check it out.

That bears repeating:

Go Check out theRhino’s blog over at

If you like my blog at all, you should love his.  It’s more of the same: Ultramarines & Tyranids…

Back to the topic at thand though…  As for the kits, I’m quite pleased with them.  They’re sturdy (thicker than the GW equivalent) and about the right scale for 40k (though technically they’re more than 3″ tall per section, but they do look good on the table-top).  There’s not a whole lot of options: most of the wall sections are nearly identical to each other, with about the only choices being “window” or “now window.”  Each of the larger boxes come with a single door section (of which I’d already lost a hinge before we ever got to the assembly stage).

wh39kPegasusBuildings (3)Each of the ruins section seems to have come with 1-2 floor sections, but none come with the large building–which I found a little bothersome.  This means that most of your buildings won’t have a second level, unless you come up with another solution (more on this in a later post).  The ruins kits, however, do come with a large triangular shaped wall that’s effectively 2 wall sections high x 2 wide and tapers down into a nice looking slope.

We ran into some difficulty working those in to the undamaged building sections, but a vice and some brute strength were enough to snap them into compliance.  wh39kPegasusBuildings (6)These broken sections seem to add character to the buildings and also give models more room to move around/through them.

As I went through and assembled buildings in pretty standard fashion, Brandon took some time to let out some of his more artsy side.  He crafted a little chapel out of some foam core and beams (from 40k buildings) and a few bits like a clock and a statue from the WHFB chapel kit (which is apparently no longer available–I’m glad I picked one up to convert into a plague tower when I did).

I’ve included a few shots in here for scale: one with a Pegasus building next to a GW building and including a 40k model/ruler for scale, and another with a Predator tank on the technobridge.  In general, I’m quite pleased, but there’s still plenty of more work to do.  So, if you’ll excuse me…

2 comments on “Building Buildings

  1. Thanks for the bump, man. Glad you found use for the brass etch.

    Are those magnets in the tops of the columns? I’m guessing that’s to make them stackable? Neat idea, and one that you can probably only do with the Pegasus stuff. GW sections are too thin for that. Not that I build a ton of terrain.

    • I presume you’re asking about the squares on the top of the columns? Those aren’t magnets, but rather holes (though, now that you mention it, I’m guessing that there are some ideally sized magnets available somewhere on the internet that would make these buildings far more modular). What they really are are square holes that match up with square pegs. Realistically the tops of each pillar have pegs that poke out that fit into a hole on the bottom of each–there are some weird exceptions though–like that doorway, but I think that’s because I probably mounted one of the pillars upside-down.

      I’m quite pleased with the pegasus stuff–in fact, I like them better than the GW equivalent. Of course, that’s after I covered them in various GW nubbins… Still though, at this stage in assembly, there aren’t many GW bits on them, and they really don’t look bad at all.

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