Buying Flyers for My Ultramarines (and more crap I dont need)

I’m sitting here in the kitchen when I remember that sometime last month, a local guy was trying to sell off a Storm Raven, some storm talons, and some other crap.  I tried to see if he’d take an offer for just the flyers, but he insisted that he only wanted to part with them all as a lot (as people often tend to do).  Unfortunately, I had no need for most of the crap, and I hadn’t seen the condition of any of it.  I wound up sending him an email to the tune of:

“Oh, I really just wanted the flyers.  I s’pose I could offer you some absurdly low number for all of it–seeing as I really don’t need anything else.  I’d rather not name a price, because I know you’d be insulted with an offer like $200 for the lot.”

And, what do you know? He came back saying that $200 was his bottom price, and accepted it right then and there.  One day later, I had a whole bunch of new marine stuff I didn’t want!  The complete list tallied up looks something like this:

Description QTY MSRP Total
Storm Raven 1 $82.50 $82.50
Storm Talon 2 $45.50 $91.00
Vindicator 1 $57.75 $57.75
Predator 1 $57.75 $57.75
Dread 5 $46.25 $231.25
Venerable   Dread 1 $46.25 $46.25
DA FW Dread 1 $53.50 $53.30
Thunderhammer   Termies 10 $10.00 $100.00
DA Termies 5 $0.42 $2.08
Assault   Marines 10 $6.60 $66.00
Scout Snipers 10 $5.00 $50.00
Landspeeder 2 $30.00 $60.00
Landspeeder   Storm 2 $30.00 $60.00
Tactical   Marines 7 $3.73 $26.08
Devastators 5 $7.00 $35.00
Thunderfire Cannon 2 $56.00 $112.00
Terminators 4 $10.00 $40.00
Terminator   Librarian 1 $22.25 $22.25
Librarian 1 $16.00 $16.00
Grey Knight   Terminators 5 $10.00 $50.00
Total $1,259.41

Oh, one thing about the total there is that there are a bunch of Dark Vengeance models also included, but I didn’t know how to value.  In total there are another 26 tactical marines (two complete sets with command, plus five extra bolters and one extra sarge), as well as 10 terminators, and a complete “command” (Captain, Librarian, and the Chaplain Severius guy–whatever his name is).  Since they’re missing the bikes, I can’t simply value them at half of the boxed set price…  So I figure in total, these have to be worth at least $50, right?

wh39kUltraFlyers2013I don’t think any of it is resin (except, of course, the Forgeworld Dreadnought and his claw/lascannon arms), and most of it was assembled relatively well.  He’d even gone so far as to magnetize the sponsons on the predator, and many of the little bits/weapons on the models aren’t yet glued on (ex. the hatches on the talons, the assault cannons on the raven, etc.)

The paint jobs are far from great, but at least most of it’s just primered.  The ones that are painted don’t make for a bad base coat either, and it seems that there aren’t any that are broken.  The only models that appear to be missing any parts are the techmarines that come with the thunderfire cannons (both appear to be missing the quad-missile thing from their backpack arm), but even that’s relatively minor.

So, if I value the DV stuff at $50, that’s $1304.41 in models that I picked up for $200, which is just over 85% off retail.  Egads, who does that?  And how do I keep finding people that will?

Anywho, I’m off to go update my Frugal Gaming post for 2013 to reflect this purchase, then to finish taking pictures of these models–which are bound to be up on Ebay by the end of the year…

11 comments on “Buying Flyers for My Ultramarines (and more crap I dont need)

  1. Most importantly then, what are the fliers like? Do you expext any difficulties integrating them into your Ultramarines?

    • If I was in a larger market, I would totally do so, but there just isn’t the supply/demand in this area. Couple that with the increased cost to ship to/from Alaska, and I think this is doomed to be a side gig for me. Still, it’s not a bad idea if I ever move to 40k Mecca (wherever that is–probably DC).

    • Pshaw, Derek just had money in his pocket. He’s always seen that as some sort of problem that needs to be remedied immediately. I can’t take advantage of him though–he’s easy to push just about anything on if you try hard enough. I actually had a relationship with him when I worked at a comic book store where he would come in each payday and blow his entire paycheck on misc. crap. I spent that day trying to talk him out of buying everything (which my boss chastized me for). I saw it as a moral service: he was still going to spend entirely too much money at the place, but perhaps he’d have a bit of money leftover that he’d save?

    • I really have no idea where he was going with these guys. My guess was originally that he was going with Dark Angels (based upon the starter set models, the DA HQ, and the fact that some of the yellow terminators have DA shields on them). It doesn’t explain why the bulk of the terminators were painted yellow (perhaps a percieved base coat to color them bone?), or why there are definitively blue Ultramarine scouts throughout.

      After analyzing, I think it’s best to assume that he just liked the various colors and had little rhyme or reason.

      I dig the “rainbow warriors” reference, but they’d look more like the scouts if they were painted up in that scheme…

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