Terrain Assembly: The Fortress of Redemption

wh39k-FortressofRedemption (1)Last week, I went into a frenzy of assembling terrain, including both the Wall of Martyrs set and a Skyshield Landing Pad.  Partly inspired by this flurry of glue and plastic, I decided to break out the Fortress of Redemption from the back of the closet and give it a go as well.

Yes, it was partly inspired by the assembly last week, but moreover, it was inspired by page #185 of the new Apocalypse book.  For those of you who don’t own the book (or have it handy), that page describes an Apoc formation that consists entirely of fortifications.  Coincidentally, everything that I assembled last week perfectly meets the requirements for every building in the formation.  The only exceptions are that the formation can include 0-2 bastions and 0-1 Fortress of Redemption.  If you recall, I already assembled two bastions earlier this year (and even painted one), so the only model left to assemble is the Fortress itself.

wh39k-FortressofRedemption (3)That particular model has been sitting in the back of my closet since 2010.  That was the year where my buddy was working on a board for some official GW function and was able to buy a bunch of terrain/models for like 50% off, so he extended that discount to me.  At that time, I’d purchased the fortress, two bastions, and a couple of imperial sectors.  Officially, this is the last model I’d purchased back then that has yet to be assembled.

Well, that was true until now.

The model went together amazingly smoothly for such a massive piece.  And don’t kid yourself, this thing is definitely huge.  I’d heard people complain about how big it was and how much of a pain it was to move terrain around on a table to work it in, and now I see why.  I’m not saying that I agree with them (I’m of the opinion that if it’s in the game, and you own it, why not allow it at a tourney?), but I can definitely see where they’re coming from.  This is easily the biggest model I own: taller than a titan, and almost twice as tall as an Aquila strongpoint.

wh39k-FortressofRedemption (2)It’s really festooned up with Dark Angel heraldry: including the obvious angels of the death adorned on the tower.  I’m hoping that a coat of suitably BLOO paint can help people overlook that.  To help out, I filed down six massive DA Chapter icons on the model (most of which were on shields above the doors/windows), and am hoping to find some brass etched Omegas that are large enough to fill in the gaps.

The only assembly step I have left to finish is that I want to magnetize firepoints onto the walls so I can opt to use the heavy bolters or not.  The plan would be to include more than just four locations for them, so I have some tactical flexibility when I use the model.

The building itself is huge, far taller than I’d expected it to be.  Again, the little dreadnought has been included for scale purposes.  This is easily the biggest building I own–and comes in at almost twice as tall as the Aquila strongpoint.  I have no idea where I’m going to store this thing (which is a big reason why I never assembled it in the first place).


7 comments on “Terrain Assembly: The Fortress of Redemption

  1. I forget, are you in the US? If so, I have some of the Agemos from the FW brass etch Ultramarine sheets if you want a couple to see if they’ll fit in those former-DA spots. I’ll never use the largest ones.

    • That’d be awesome! Yes, I live in the USA: that is, if you consider Alaska part of the USA. As far as USPS is concerned, it’s no farther than Florida or California though, so that’s a plus. UPS and FedEx are a whole ‘nother story…

      Can I email you my address and send you some cash for the gubbins?

      By the way, what’s an Agemos?

      • Yeah, shoot me an email with your mailing address. No need for cash. These are spares I’ll never use. I’ll send you an assortment of stuff.

        Agemo is the term I’d always heard used for the inverted omega symbol used by the Ultramarines.

  2. Looking good! I’m looking forward to / dreading seeing all this terrain painted up!

    And of course a nice battle report with lots of photos!

  3. Not only is it a cool and big piece, it’s also super annoying to face someone using one of these. A local player was in the habit of taking this and then parking his artillery tanks behind it, along with the rest of his army, and he just pounded you down the entire game. Wasn’t a ton of fun as you can imagine.

    • Is that a common sort of thing? And was it all that powerful? It doesn’t seem like you could use it to rope off an overly large section of the board, so in the worst case scenario, you could protect what: one complete battery or so? Even then, flyers, other ordnance, jump troops, outflankers, etc, could all affect them. I’m not sure how fantastic an advantage that is for 250 or so points.

      Sure, it sounds a bit like a dick move, but I’m not so sure I wouldn’t deploy it that way myself. Granted, I don’t field 3+ basilisks in any game, and it would most likely be protecting a single whirlwind. I’m not sure how necessary it would be to cheese out like that either–since one whirlwind is rarely an attractive target.

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