Terrain Assembly: Skyshield Landing Pad

wh39k-Skyshield (2)Earlier this week, I went nuts in assembling the various bits of the Wall of Martyrs set that had been lying around the garage.  After spending a day assembling little plastic bits and covering my hands with superglue, I was fairly winded by the evening, and didn’t feel much like continuing.  Still, there was one more box of terrain sitting on my shelf since Christmas: the Skyshield Landing Pad.  Since I was already on a terrain assembling kick, I figured why not push ahead and get that done as well.

Thankfully, there aren’t all that many bits to that kit, and it went together fairly smoothly.  I only had issues with two parts during the assembly.  The first was with the unfurling shield bits that ring the outside of the pad.  They assemble as a two-part shield that fit around an axle that’s built into the pad itself.  They can only go together one way, so that wasn’t a problem–the issue I did have was that I’m not really deft with superglue, so I had some spillage on the axles themselves.  This meant that during the gluing process, several of these bits seized up in either the open or closed positions, and I had a devil of a time getting them to loosen up again.  I then started a process where I’d glue together one section, then go back and gently work all of the other sections to ensure that they were still mobile, which seemed to work well.

wh39k-Skyshield (3)The other problem I had during assembly was that one of the leg sections seems to be warped.  Try as a might, I couldn’t get the glue to hold on to it long enough to pull it straight.  As a result, one of the legs is all askew (particular towards the bottom).  I’m not happy about that, but at least it’s at the bottom of a rather large structure, so it’s relatively easy to overlook.  Of course, I wish it wasn’t like this at all, but if it had to be, it would’ve been nice had the inside of the leg been warped instead of the outside.  Oh well, I’ll live with it–but I’m not terribly pleased…

When I was assembling it, Brandon was over, and he kept commenting about just how huge it was.  I didn’t initially see it, until I compared it to the Aquila strongpoint (which is an Apocalypse-sized building).  Unfurled, the skyshield can completely obscure the strongpoint when placed over the top of it.  Ok, so maybe Brandon was right about just how huge this thing is…

Below there are two more pictures of the skyshield in comparison to the Aquila base, one of it above and one of it below the base for scale purposes.  Yes indeedy, it is quite large.

wh39k-Skyshield (4) wh39k-Skyshield (5)

All of this assembling of terrain makes me want to go out and play a game of 40k, but it really infatuates me with the idea of using fortifications in my games.  What could I do with a massive 4+ invulnerable save…


9 comments on “Terrain Assembly: Skyshield Landing Pad

  1. The Skyshield is definitely on my “to buy” list for the near future. Its actually remarkably good, and so rarely taken that I think it will throw a lot of players…

    • I’ve no idea how good it actually is, but I can’t wait to find out. I’m really surprised at the serious lack of fortifications by players in the local area. The only one I ever seem to see is the Aegis, so I certainly see your point that taking this one would throw people for a loop.

  2. Thinking about a Tyranid one 😉 what are the Vengeance Weapon Battery rules like? Can nids take them too? Would love to see what they can do in our hands, one way to get over our lack if long range, even with low Bs!

    • I was trying to dig them up this morning, but I couldnt’ find the pamphlet. I know it’s 75pts, comes with a punisher cannon, it’s AV14 and BS2. I don’t recall what the rules said about firing it, and honestly I forgot what the exact wording of the Tyranid confusion was. They could be emplacement or emplaced weapons… I forget. When I find the datasheet, I can send you a picture if you’d like?

    • Glad to be of service–but it’s really quite easy to figure out. There aren’t all that many choices. I was a little scared when I was clipping them off the sprue that I might be clipping some pieces that were part of the skyshield assembly (several of the nubbins are presented as oddly shapped bare plastic–which aren’t that much different than the underside of the parts that glue together). It turns out that anything that wasn’t obviously part of the actual assembly was just flashing though.

      Hopefully yours serves you well. I’d be interested to hear how it goes. Mine hasn’t yet seen the table…

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