Terrain Assembly: Wall of Martyrs


wh39k-WallofMartyrs (1)This month, I bit the bullet and purchased some of the new Wall of Martyrs additions from GW’s Apocalypse line.  I didn’t figure I’d play then in Apocalypse much, but I am a huge sucker for good looking scenery…  I had all but talked myself out of it, but then we managed to sell our house, and I had a fair chunk of change sitting around that helped me easily justify the purchase.

It too, was going the path of sitting on a shelf for years and collecting dust, until I’d heard that the bits were all cut off the sprue within those boxes.  That lead me to worry that some pieces could be missing.  Since I wasn’t sure if this is considered a splash release, it’s possible that if I wait a few years, that I won’t ever be able to replace the missing parts.  So, with that in mind, I got a wild hair this weekend and cracked them all open to check on the contents.  At that point, it wasn’t a big step to cleaning them up and assembling them.

Well, that’s a tad misleading.  Cleaning all of these models up and gluing them together took the better part of a day.  Painting will surely take far longer, but that’s for another post.

The models I assembled include:

  • 2x Wall of Martyrs – Imperial Defence Line (not sure why GW spells defense wrong)
  • 2x Wall of Martyrs – Imperial Defence Emplacement
  • 2x Wall of Martyrs – Imperial Bunker
  • 2x Wall of Martyrs – Vengeance Weapon Battery
  • 1x Wall of Martyrs – Firestorm Redoubt
  • 1x Wall of Martyrs – Aquila Strongpoint

wh39k-WallofMartyrs (4)I actually had purchased an additional Firestorm Redoubt, but after assembling it and reading through the rules, I wasn’t terribly impressed.  I’m hoping to take it back and pick up another defense line (because you quite frankly need more than two to make things look good).

Granted, the walls themselves didn’t take much assembly (and what little assembly it does take, I haven’t technically accomplished–since the blast shields aren’t glued on.  I’m debating whether to primer them a different color…

wh39k-WallofMartyrs (5)Which brings me to the question as to what color to paint this lot.  The natural inclination would be to paint them all in a gunmetal or similar, but knowing my predilection towards 2nd Edition era Ultramarines, I’m thinking bright blue with yellow trim.  Whatcha’ think about that?

Anywho, the walls are reasonably good pieces of terrain, but nothing terribly fancy.  One beef I have with all of the buildings included in these sets is that the actual wall pieces have little notches to help them stick together on the battlefield, whereas the buildings do not.  This means that–by default–all buildings have a quarter of an inch gap between them and the rest of the trenches.  I couldn’t handle that, so I chose to notch out each doorway to make up the difference.  It also means that I can’t place stairs beneath the doorways (they’d also get in the way of the trenches), but I’m fairly content with the final look.

wh39k-WallofMartyrs (2)The firestorm redoubt has some pretty massive guns on it–almost too big.  Otherwise, it’s just a fairly large bunker that doesn’t do a whole lot for me (hence the reason I’m looking to return/trade one).  The Aquila Strongpoint, however, is pretty imposing.  I didn’t figure it would be so big, but if you look at the photos, you can see I included a dreadnought for scale.  It’s definitely massive.  I don’t think the rules apply to standard 40k games, so in my day to day use, it will just be a nice terrain centerpiece.  Blue is definitely the base color, but I’m debating the color of the eagle on top: yellow?  white?  I’m leaning towards the latter…

wh39k-WallofMartyrs (3)Lastly, are the vengeance weapons batteries.  The overall look of these is fair, but the rules for them are fantastic.  85 points for an AV14 battlecannon.  Yes please!  And you can field two of them using your fortification slot… That’s just nutty.  I don’t care of it’s only AP2, it’s a large blast at STR8 AP3.  Sure, there’s  punisher cannon variant (which is slightly cheaper, by the way), but I don’t figure I’ll use that much. Still, I magnetized them just to ensure I can do that if I want.  The magnetizing job wasn’t fantastic, as I didn’t have enough of the right size magnets available, but it works for me.

Anywho, it was good to get back into 40k–even if it was just assembling some models.  One of these days, I’m going to have to paint all of this stuff…


6 comments on “Terrain Assembly: Wall of Martyrs

    • The walls, bunkers, and pill-box things have no rules that I know of (and no points costs), but the new models all have rules in their boxes. If I had to pick one, I’d definitely go with the Vengeance Weapons though: how can you go wrong with a battle cannon!?!?

  1. How about gold or silver rather than yellow or white for the eagle? That might reduce the risk of cartoonishness.

    • I’m just not a big fan of metallics on my models. 2nd edition schemes didn’t exclude them entirely, but they did seem to use them pretty sparingly. White or yellow will probably take the cake–though a bronze patina is in the running.

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