Trading 40k for MtG

So, before our local haven for gaming closed up shop, I met a guy by the name of Scott who was thinking about getting into 40k.  He’d primarily been a computer gamer before, and found out about Warhammer through ‘Dawn of War.’  Anywho, he’d stopped by a couple of times and expressed an interest in playing.

After it became clear that I wasn’t going to talk him out of investing in such an expensive hobby, I at least was able to convince him not to buy new, and that buying a used army would be a far better way to start things off.  Of course, if he happened to chose an army that I already owned too many models for, that wouldn’t hurt, right?

Actually, I tried to convince him to play a game or two of 40k before investing, to make sure that the game would really appeal to him, and that he’d be able to pick an army that suited his play style.  Though he agreed, we weren’t ever able to manage to make that game happen, so he finally broke down and picked up an army off me.  The thing is, he was trying to limit money spent on it, so he was looking to unload some MtG cards instead of paying cash.  While I don’t particularly want a few hundred dollars in MTG cards, I figured if it was a good enough deal (or it was easy enough to sell), why not?

The bulk of the value he had was in dual-lands, and those should be relatively easy to sell, so I figured why not?  So I picked out what I wanted from his cards and it looked something like this:

  • 1x Bayou
  • 2x Badlands
  • 3x Plateau
  • 1x Scrubland
  • 1x Taiga
  • 1x Demonic Tutor
  • 20(ish)x Misc. Snow Covered Lands
  • 1x Crystal Quarry
  • 4x Sakura Tribe Elder
  • 1x Shisato, Whispering Hunter

Meanwhile, we put our heads together and picked out an approximately 2,000 point Ork army from the list I’d recently purchased.  With the massive pile of plastic that was an Ork horde, it quickly became clear that the numbers weren’t going to be equal, so I dug through and picked out the following cards to help even it up:

Other misc cards:

  • WH39999-MtGScott1x Fastbond
  • 4x Breeding Pit
  • 1x Standstill
  • 1x Squrirel Mob
  • 1x Mishra’s Factory
  • 3x Swords to Plowshares
  • 4x Prodigal Sorcerer
  • 3x Goblin Grenade
  • 1x Azusa, Lost but Seeking
  • 1x Yosei, the Morning Star
  • 1x Wrath of God
  • 2x Control Magic
  • 2x Lord of Atlantis
  • 4x Seasinger
  • 18(ish)x Dark Ritual

Some of the cards weren’t my choices, they’re just cards that he said were worth something, and frankly, the pickings were getting pretty slim.  At that point, I was still under valued on my end, but I’d gotten a good deal on the Orks, and I was helping a new player get into the hobby, so I was willing to call it even.  I also threw in a big box of old White Dwarf magazines, an old (4th edition?) Ork Codex (for fluff reasons only), and a set of templates.

In total, what I’d parted ways with was something to the effect of:

  • 98x Ork Boys
  • 1x AoBR Set (complete)
  • 3x Deffkoptas
  • 1x Big Mek
  • 6x Bikers
  • 10x Stormboyz
  • 3x Killer Kanz
  • 1x Dreadnought
  • 10x Nobz (many with klawz)
  • 1x Trukk
  • ?? Lootaz?

Sadly, I don’t have an exact count at this time, because I’d given him the list, but that’s approximately what I parted ways with.  Granted, I could be way off on some things.  We were getting pretty loose with the models by the end: “Sure, take a few extra of those, they’ll come in handy.”  The plan was to give him a little bit of everything, so he could make a balanced force.  He seemed quite fond of Battle Wagons (though I had none), and to a lesser extent, the mentality behind “the green tide,” so that’s where I concentrated things.  All in all, it seemed like a relaively well balanced force, and something I’d be happy to play (though I’m unsure how uber competitive it would be).  I think it’s pretty solid though.

The only problem with this trade was that after we’d done it, I went to sell the Dual Lands to online vendors, and the pricing we’d used to determine their value was based upon them being in better condition than they were.  In told, that means I’m going to take another 25% hit on them, so what was a “meh” deal for me turned out to be even less profitable.

Oh well, live and learn, eh?

For anyone who took the title of this post to mean that I’m getting out of 40k and into MtG (I’m looking at you, Thor), that obviously isn’t the case; although, I have contemplated selling off all of my GW stuff recently.  Still though, if someone did want to trade MtG (or anything else I thought I could get value out of) for 40k, I’m not opposed to trading off anything/everything I own.  Anything for a profit!

7 comments on “Trading 40k for MtG

  1. Sell ALL your GW stuff? So you can start Warmachine or Hordes perhaps? Or maybe just to start a new army from scratch?

    • It’s just something I’ve been kicking around with. Perhaps I’d keep one army. The amount of players in the local community seems to be dwindling–as is the amount of places to play at. Plus, GW is constantly raising prices beyond ridiculous. When you couple that with my seemingly complete inability to limit myself to a “normal” sized army, perhaps it’d be a good idea to sell. I doubt I’d sell everything though (if I did, I’m sure I’d buy back into it one day). I might not even sell anything; however, if the price was right, everything is negotiable…

      • Makes sense to me. Time being the ultimate commodity…how much do I spend on any said activity? I’d say any game of 40K with a friend is worth it, big Apocalypse games even more so. Priority stacking. It’s like LEGOs for adults.

  2. um hey, im not sure if you can see my email address where i have to enter it to be able to post but im interested in the platuea’s and badlands you have. maybe either cash or trade for models, im in the middle of a 40k spring clean so have stuff that was about to go on ebay to potentially barter with 🙂

  3. If you decide to part with your nids I will gladly be the first guy in line. Particularly your biovores and then anything else.

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