My Second Army Purchase of the Year: Eldar

wh39kEldar2013 (11)Now that I think about it, this was probably my first army purchase of the year, while the Orks I wrote about in a previous post, were my second.   They both came back to back within a couple of weeks of each other though, it I guess that it ultimately doesn’t matter which of them came before the other.

Anywho, by this time last year, I’d already picked up three armies from various local players (two I paid for and one which I traded for), and it started to feel weird that I wasn’t buying droves of cheap crap, so I found myself looking at Craigslist now and again.  In general, it doesn’t seem like that’s a very happening place for buying 40k stuff here in Alaska, but I still check it periodically to see if there’s anything there.  Since I only check it about once per month, it’s possible that stuff moves much more frequently than I see, but the new posts are deleted before I get a chance to check back on them.  Whatever the case, the stuff I’ve seen on there tends to be on the more expensive side, and tends to sit there for a while.

So, a guy had an Eldar Army up for sale, but it didn’t list all of the parts and there were no pictures.  On a lark, I sent him an email asking him for some, and it didn’t wind up looking all bad.  The models were–for the most part–unpainted, newer versions, and were relatively unbroken.  Granted, I didn’t need an Eldar army, but I shot him an offer just the same.

The army included the following models/units:

Qty Description Retail Total
1 Wave Serpent $44.50 $44.50
3 Falcon $49.50 $148.50
1 Fire Prism $49.50 $49.50
42 Guardians $3.63 $152.25
20 Dire Avengers $3.73 $74.50
15 Jetbike $15.00 $225.00
5 Shining Spears $19.13 $95.63
11 Howling Banshees $6.88 $75.63
18 Eldar Rangers $5.00 $90.00
3 D-Cannon Platforms $24.75 $74.25
1 Wraithlord $46.25 $46.25
8 Vypers $30.00 $240.00
7 Fire Dragons $6.88 $48.13
5 Dark Reapers $8.25 $41.25
5 Wraithguard $11.80 $59.00
2 Farseer $15.00 $30.00
5 Warlocks $11.50 $57.50
15 Swooping Hawks $6.88 $103.13

wh39kEldar2013 (3)It also came with foam for the army (though it’s not in the best of shape).  The good news is that things are assembled reasonably well and there’s minimal breakage.  He didn’t bother to glue in any of the flight stands, so there’s no worries there, but the downside is that most of the flight stands are missing almost entirely.  Likewise, the cockpit canopies are largely missing as well.

The price was decent, but not so good that I could’ve pass it up (although I didn’t–but I think that’s mostly because I felt a piece of me was missing since it’d been six months since I’d purchased a new army!).

Now, rumor has it that Eldar might be the next codex–due to be released as soon as next month.  That seems like it would be a fortunate turn of events for me.  Although, I’m guessing that they’ll replace some of the older models (like those ancient looking jetbikes).  Still, it can’t hurt my overall chances to move some of these…

I guess what I’m trying to say is that if anyone is looking to pick up some Eldar, I’m your guy!

Feel free to click on any of the pictures below for larger images.

wh39kEldar2013 (1)

wh39kEldar2013 (2)  wh39kEldar2013 (3)  wh39kEldar2013 (5)  wh39kEldar2013 (6)  wh39kEldar2013 (7)  wh39kEldar2013 (8)  wh39kEldar2013 (9)  wh39kEldar2013 (10)  wh39kEldar2013 (12)  wh39kEldar2013 (13)

7 comments on “My Second Army Purchase of the Year: Eldar

  1. The second to last line made me lol.

    If you keep getting the word out there someone will bite, especially that Eldar are just around the corner. Someone will want to jump-start their army and this would be perfect. If anyone pipes up in Wasilla I’ll let you know.

    • Mahalo sir.

      I’m sure someone will bite–though I’ll probably be far better off parting it out and throwing it up on ebay. The question is whether I do that before or after the codex is announced/released?

  2. You may have already realised this, but something that bumps up the value a little is that it looks like most of the jetbikes’ riders have been replaced with guardians. The jetbike models look their age – I really do hope they get some sleek new ones in the ‘dex – but are just about passable. The riders on the other hand look just terrible, and my guess is that most players swap out the torsos and heads (at least) with the modern plastic guardians.

    • Yeah, I liked that he switched out the riders, but all of the rumors point to entirely new jetbikes coming soon. That’s the one thing that makes me wonder if I wouldn’t get a better price by listing them now than waiting for the codex. Who knows though?

  3. Just realised I hadn’t checked back here for ages and… you’ve posted nothing new! Hope you’re just being lazy and there’s nothing wrong!

    Got the new WD today, and they’re selling repackaged ancient jetbikes, so looks like they don’t have any new ones on their way. Which is a great shame. I know they don’t like to redo plastics, but come on!

    • Yeah, I’ve been slacking. I haven’t gotten much gaming in at all (in fact, throwing down for a few games of Magic: The Gathering yesterday was the only gaming I’ve done in at least a month. I’m sure I’ll update again before too long.

      As for the Eldar, I was both happy and sad on the jetbikes. Those definitely need a new model, but at least they didn’t tank the value of the models I just bought. Now, if I can find someone who wants an entire Eldar army…. *hint*

  4. Oh no you don’t!

    Actually, having just poured money into a couple of Kickstarters and some other bits and pieces I’m now dead broke, and will be for a while…

    So now new second hand eldar army for me!

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