Painted IG Weapon Platforms

Wh39kWeaponPlatforms (2)Coming up on the 30th of this month is our local gaming group’s second Apoc game of the season. The “season” is synchronized with the school year (which makes sense, seeing as we play in a local gymnasium), but this is actually the first game of this calendar year. It’s also my first Apocalypse game in nearly a year (the last being in April 2012, and is coincidentally the first Apoc game that I didn’t enjoy).

Anywho, since sixth edition launched, I’ve vowed to only play with painted models, and I’ve done a reasonable job of sticking to that to date. I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before I wind up breaking that rule, but I’m doing good so far, so why not stick to it?

Since my Tyranids are completely painted, they’re the logical choice to bring to the game. Couple that, with the fact that the local gaming club runs them with the new warp field rules (ie. they all get a 3++ invulnerable save, and the 2+ armor save that’s built-in to the stat-line), it really makes these a no-brainer choice. I’m just tired of using these giant invulnerable wrecking balls though, so I’m going to have them sit out for a game.

Wh39kWeaponPlatforms (3)I’m just not sure I have 4000 points of painted Ultramarines–even if I throw in the Imperial Guard. So, my latest endeavor has been to paint up some weapon platforms. Now, I don’t want to get these confused with heavy weapon teams (which will also be in attendance). These are the BIG guns–you know, the sort that never tire: Basilisks & Medusas.

One of the local guys works for an Engineering department, and has access to a 3-D printer. He whipped up some suitable CAD drawings and spit out the better part of a dozen weapon platforms, that have been sitting in my garage–just waiting for some love. And, with a deadline fast approaching, this seemed like great inspiration to bust them out and paint them.

The scheme is more of the bright blues/red scheme found throughout my Ultramarines (particularly with those of my Ultramar Planetary Defense Force), though with notably less yellow than many of my projects. Let it be known though, this isn’t because I’m cowing to my detractors, but rather because the yellow is used for accent colors, and my guns are traditionally painted red. There just wasn’t much yellow called for on these.

Anywho, I snapped off a few quick shots of the guns to throw up on the post. One day, I’m sure I’ll take some nicer pics in a lightbox or so. For now, I have nine more models down for the impending Apoc game. Daemons, beware…


7 comments on “Painted IG Weapon Platforms

    • Thanks for the compliment.

      They’re a really basic paint scheme, but from a distance, I’m fond of them. I almost wish I’d have added more detail, but since they won’t be used in normal games (only Apoc), I figured I didn’t need to go all out on them.

  1. Those are pretty awesome to behold. I bet they get a good reaction when on the table. A big line of big guns all pointing at you has got to have an intimidation factor.

    • The other guy that fields them always puts them in a formation and puts them all together on the table. I think I’d rather spread ’em out, so I don’t have all my eggs in one basket. They’ll probably look far less intimidating that way as well.

      • I dunno. I’d still be pretty annoyed with bombs coming from all directions.
        Wshhherrwww! Boooom! Ka-POW! “We’ll never get ’em all, sir! They’re all over the place!” “Then you’d better wear your helmet. MARCH!” NNeeeeaaarrrwwww ba-BOOOM!

  2. They do look good – especially in such large numbers!

    Are the guns themselves also 3D printed? Or just the platforms themselves? Either way, it’d be interesting to know how much the 3D printed stuff cost.

    • Spread out, they’d take longer for me to fire them all, but they’re harder to silence and easier to slip under the radar. Frankly, I think spread out they’ll do more damage…

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