Imperial Bastion Painted (Warning: Sunglasses May Be Required)

wh39kbastion1 (2) (Large)This year I’ve been focusing much of my hobby progress on painting up fortifications—since I’ve never seen one used in a game of 40k (aside from an Aegis Defense Line), and I’ve vowed not to play with unpainted models in 6th edition  (for however long that lasts – Mandatory Editorial Comment).  Anywho, , I’d assembled up a pair of Imperial Bastions to be painted up for my Ultramarines back in January (has it really been that long?) and I finally finished them up.

In all actuality, I finished painting the first of them up some time last month, but I’ve had enough regular blog posts lined up that I didn’t feel that I needed to post immediately.  Sure, I could’ve easily posted more than twice per week, but leaving it at that—rather meager—threshold, I’m able to keep up the pace for much longer.

Regardless of when it was finished, the point is that it’s done.  And throughout this post you can see pictures of it in full blue glory.

I fully expect to get a bunch of comments about how it looks cartoony, or overly bright.  You’re welcome to bring your best joke about Optimus Prime, or <insert children’s show here>.  I’m actually quite pleased with the overall effect.  Sure, it’s very stark in it’s primary colors, but that’s the look that I was going for.

You can see other examples of this scheme throughout my Ultramarines/Ultramar Planetary Defense Force:

wh39kbastion1 (5) (Large)Without a doubt, the scheme of my Imperial forces are classic 2nd edition colors: with bright blues, red weapons, and yellow trim (as opposed to the more “grimdark” version of the Ultramarines with gold trim that is presently popular).

But I should save that for another post entirely (or maybe I’ve written about it before?).  Either way, this post is supposed to be focusing on my newly painted fortification: the Imperial  Bastion.

For color, the scheme seemed obvious that I was going to paint it blue with yellow trim.  This would cement it unequivocally as a 2nd company Ultramarine bastion.  Weapons, as with the vast majority of the army should be painted red.  This left very little other choices when it came to the color scheme.  I had originally debated some particular tidbits (such as the cylindar that the Heavy Bolter is mounted to, and the four little “feet” at the base of each corner), but ultimately decided that there wasn’t much other choice than what I’d gone with.  I must admit that after reading the comments on my Aegis Defense Line posted earlier this year, I was a little cautious about what others would think about the finished model.  Would it be too yellow?  Too garish?

wh39kbastion1 (6) (Large)I did wind up saving these two questionable areas until the very last steps of painting.  It was during this moment of reflection that I realized two things.  The first of which was that it there wasn’t an overwhelming about of yellow on the piece already (even if one thought so, I doubt it’s the little yellow feet that put it over the top), and that this was my model.  I was the one that “had to live with it,” so I should paint it however I want.  If that meant that it looked like a primary color explosion, then so be it.

Anywho, throughout this post there should be four pictures of the bastion (one from each facing), and perhaps a few close-ups (assuming I’m long winded enough to be able to sneak some of them in–which shouldn’t be too hard).

The “front” of the bastion has the door and a statue of an Imperial Guardsmen.  This is the statue that I had originally painted my “Honoured Imperium” statues in preparation for.  Ironically, I think my first two attempts came out looking better than the final.  I attribute this to the fact that the IG model was far smaller, and was already glued to the basion, so I didn’t want to get metallic paint all over the blue/yellow areas.  The mere fact that it’s smaller I think detracts from the overall effect as well.

wh39kbastion1 (8) (Large)There was some debate on the color scheme for the flags on the front as well.  Red was an obvious choice to accent the existing color pallette, but I didn’t know what color to paint the Iwo Jima flag.  Since that flag celebrates a variety of different chapters, I opted to go with a bland color as the base (white) and then painted each chapter’s heraldry in the appropriate color.

The sides are nothing to write home about, but the back is something I’m proud of.  The banner is from the Forgeworld Black Templar dreadnought with a headswap (as I lost the original skull).  It’s not a fanastic paint job or anything, but the colors go a long way to breaking up that consistent blue/yellow color feel.  I’m also quite proud of the writing on the scrolls.  I accomplished this by using some really fine pens.  I just drew in a colored box in the top-left corner of each page, and then wrote a “fancy” capital letter on top of them.  This was to emulate the classic “Once upon a time” style that always seems to open classic literature.

wh39kbastion1 (7) (Large)I’m really glad to have finished this model and anxious to see how it plays on the table top.  Despite what my detractors might say, I’m also quite pleased with how it turned out, and am really fond of the color scheme (I guess if I wasn’t, I’d have given up on it more than a decade ago, eh?).

Now I just have to paint the other one… and a Fortress of Redemption… and a skyshield… and… ho hum… I don’t think I’ll ever be done.

Thanks, as always for dropping by…


7 comments on “Imperial Bastion Painted (Warning: Sunglasses May Be Required)

  1. You really weren’t kidding about the need for sunglasses, were you? 🙂

    Rather than repeat my opinion of the colour scheme I’ll just make a few specific observations:

    1) The close up photos make it look a lot better then it appears from the thumbnails. This may account for why you’re so pleased with the results – I think if you can see the detail and the quality of the painting, then it actually looks quite good!

    2) I like the statue a lot. It’s not as dramatic as the bigger statues, but that’s only to be expected. If I have a criticism it’s that I think it needs a base. The transition from the blue to the metal looks a bit odd. Some kind of mount would make it look more like it’s supposed to be there.

    3) The banners – particularly the Black Templar one – look great!

    I’d like to see all your fortifications on a table with your ultramarines deployed on and around them. That would really help us evaluate the overall effect!

    Good work once again!

    • Your comment about the statue is likely spot on. He just doesn’t look right, and the fact that he’s missing a base might have something to do with that.

      As for the brightness, I think the way the light hits them in the lightbox is overexaggerating what they look like in real life. I know the light box does wonders for making my “meh” looking Tyranids look far better than they actually are. One of these days I’ll play a real game with them and you can see them in comparison to the rest of my models.

  2. The immediate thing that struck me about the colours was the similarity to the bold colours of say the Napoleonic wars [just google Napoleonic uniforms to see what I mean]. Back then you did have bright reds and blues, Camouflage and muted colours just weren’t used. Taking into account that Space marines shun these things too why the hell not have them bright blue and yellow? I like it, it’s bold and different and certainly a talking point.

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