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In an attempt to ensure that I don’t violate my Frugal Gaming Goals for 2013, I figured I’d start this year off with a bang of MtG sales.  These would help me cover any expenditures I’d have over the year plus they’d help my historical numbers for MtG spent vs. saved (those numbers looked pretty abysmal last year).

Anywho, after piecing together any expensive cards that I had lying around not in use, I threw them up on Ebay.  And these were the results for my first set of auctions:

  • $729 (Total Sales)
  • -$81.11 (Ebay Fees)
  • -$27.74 (Paypal Fees)
  • -$11.97 (Packaging Supplies)
  • -$29.28 (USPS Shipping)
  • _____________________
  • $579.82 Sales

In total, I actually charged people $46.25 in shipping (well, it was $5 higher than that, but when I found out how cheaply I was able to send an item to Japan, I wound up refunding that to the buyer).  Ironically, that total is $5 higher than the total of the packaging supplies + USPS shipping.  Of course, Ebay took it’s standard 9% cut and Paypal took it’s cut (which I originally thought was 3%, but it turns out that it’s somewhat variable and never seemingly that low).  In actuality, 12% of $41.25 comes out to $4.95, which entirely eats up any profit I’d made for shipping.  So, I finally managed to find the sweet spot for shipping costs…

Well, I did well enough in that first batch of auctions that I decided to sell more MtG stuff I’ve been sitting on for years.  After the second round, I did a comparable amount in total sales:

  • $678.36 (Total Sales)
  • -$81.11 (Ebay Fees)
  • -$22.21 (Paypal Fees)
  • -$0 (Packaging Supplies)
  • -$50.10 (USPS Shipping)
  • _____________________
  • $524.94 Sales

????????????????????????????????????????????The bulk of these sales were in packs of Unglued.  I had purchased them years ago for $80 per box (2 boxes total).  I wound up opening half the packs out of one of the box, and selling the remainder to cover the cost of that box.  The other (sealed) box sold for $280!  While that might not seem like an absolutely fantabulous deal, the fact that the only cards in the set that are worth anything are basic land bewilders me.

That aside, packaging fees weren’t included because I used leftovers from the first MtG auctions and the last set of 40k auctions I’d done last year.  Shipping though was a definitely bomb.  I had only charged half that in actual shipping costs (drastically underrating the cost of shipping that much paper).  In a couple of instances, I would’ve been far better off shipping in flat rate boxes, but I guess you live and learn.

Whatever the case, I can’t complain too much about netting $1100 in sales.  That should make my 2013 Frugality goals that much easier to stick to!

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6 comments on “MTG Sales

  1. Nice work. I recently did a month long sale of old fantasy gaming minis, and made several hundred bucks. Didn’t realize the old 80s and 90s era D&D minis were still so valuable. eBay and Paypal defineitely have a racket going on fees though.

    • I used to love those old AD&D Skirmishes minies from the 90’s. Are they really worth something now? I think I have a few of them still lying around, though I’m sure most of them have long since been trashed or given away. The only one I’m sure I still have is a displacer beast. I wonder if that’s worth anything…

  2. I always admire your gumption and dedication to the hobby. Did you make enough to be able to purchase the new ‘dex out today? I’m getting mine! FOR THE GLORY OF CHAOS!

    • Is it out already? I just thought it was being announced.

      Sadly, I haven’t purchased a codex since the Tyranid book. I used to collect one for each army that was released, regardless of whether I played them or not, but I’ve since stopped. While I do own Chaos/Daemons, I don’t ever play them (and have vowed not to play unpainted models in 6th edition anyway), so I don’t foresee myself playing those particular armies anytime soon. I’m also a notorious cheapskate, so paying a premium price for a rulebook is a tad hard to swallow at this time for me.

      • Well, I’m pretty happy with the quality of the codices as of late being hard cover and all purrty though I won’t likely play a straight Daemon army either.

      • Yeah, they definitely look pretty–though I’m not sure the price is justified just yet. Still, if they released a new Tyranid or Ultramarine book, I’m sure I’d buy it.

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