Fun with Basing

w39kBased2013This will just be a brief update for today to prove that I’m still working on hobby progress.  I had posted on some Imperial Aquillas I had painted up earlier this week, and between them, some leftover parts of Hive Fleet Proteus, and new resin bases for my Ultras & friends, the next logical step was to flock them up.

If you’re interested in learning just how I did up the bases, there’s a complete write-up here.  I followed that recipe in all steps, except I didn’t have any spare twigs lying around, so this part of the hive fleet has apparently eaten any large pieces of vegetation.

I won’t go into much detail here, as I don’t really feel this is all that exciting a point in the project, and once they’re all dry, I’ll be taking better pictures of each model in a light-box.

One interesting thing I noticed when trying to buy sealent for these guys was that the brand I typically use (Krylon), was a little weird.  Firstly, I sealed them all with a matt finish–which proved to be a mistake.  I guess when I originally sprayed the rest of the fleet, I’d used gloss.  This time though, I didn’t have any around, so I swung by Walmart & Fred Meyers looking for a can.  Despite having stock at both locations, I couldn’t get a single can to rattle when I shook them.  After 12 cans, four seperate employee shakers, and two locations later, I wound up settling for a generic off-brand.  Sadly though, I’d already put half the bugs away before I went to the store without noticing, and I haven’t gotten around to re-sealing.  So, more on that at a later date…

Anywho, thanks as always for dropping by…


7 comments on “Fun with Basing

  1. OH NO spray-can tragedy! I hope you’re able to get that fixed. I know how hard you’ve worked that army.

    Just from that pic it looks great. Basing is the frosting of miniature painting.

    • I’m guessing there won’t be much tragedy, but it was an interesting side note. I’d never heard of a can of spray paint without a ball in it, but with 12 cans across multiple stores suffering the same fate, it’s possible there’s some sort of technology change?

      In this post, I probably should’ve gone into some depth about the Tervigon bases, as they’re a deviation from the norm. I used a sheet of cork material and had to snip the fronts off their talons in order to pin them to the base.

  2. These look good! Snipping the ends off the Tervigon talons makes sense to me anyway. Something that size couldn’t be supported on a point without sinking into the ground a bit.

    I also went back and read your full basing article, it was quite good. I didn’t bother putting a lot of effort into basing until recently but as I invest more time into it I’m finding that it is worth the effort after all. It helps add to the story and visual impact of the army.

    • I was fine with the thought of snipping a little bit off the talons for the reasons you state, but in order to get at least one of them to sit level, I had to cut off more than I wanted.

      For my bases, I wanted to do snow bases, but then learned that I wasn’t very good at it. Besides, most tables I play on are some variation of green/grass themed, so it made sense to incorporate that into it as well. The way I figure it, the current selection has a bit of grass, snow, and rubble/rock, so they don’t look out of place on many boards (industrial/city boards are a stretch, but the rock somewhat helps them blend in).

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