More Honoured Imperium Terrain

Wh39kAquilla (2)If you’ve been reading the blog lately, you’ll remember that I had painted the statues from the “Honoured Imperium” boxed set as practice for my painting the statues I’d added to my bastions.  Well, far be it from me to complete a project without being distracted by something else…

This time, I had ordered bases in January to finally mount some of my Ultramarines to.  These guys have been sitting around for ages without bases and have been banished to my storage cabinet until I can properly finish them.  Last year, Cole had come over and thumbed through my stuff wondering why he’d never seen that.  One guilt trip later and I’d decided to buy new bases.  Since they’d finally come in, and I’d recently opened this boxed set to paint the statues, I figured why not paint these up as well.

Wh39kAquilla (1)There’s nothing fancy here.  It’s just a wetbrush of brown on the dirty areas, with some progressive black-to-white drybrushes on all of the stone, plus a few dabs of bone/white on the skulls.  I then hit it liberally with several coats of matt varnish (but I didn’t use John’s suggestion about using the gloss varnish first–but to be fair, these were painted before he’d recommended that).

The pictures display the new pieces next to one of the statues (I’m still infatuated with that marble, for the record), as well as a single aquilla by itself.

With this painted up, I just had to do up the bases (both for the Ultramarines, and the recently painted Tyranids).  As of the time I wrote this, that has also been completed, but I’ll leave that for another post.

Anywho, happy President’s Day to everyone.  Hopefully you’ve managed to get the day off–otherwise, you can live vicariously through me!


15 comments on “More Honoured Imperium Terrain

  1. For someone who professes not to be a particularly talented painter, you really are knocking these scenery pieces out of the park. I wouldn’t blink if I saw these in White Dwarf.

    Very good work.

    Perhaps (no offence) it’s an indication as to just how good some of GW’s terrain is that it paints up so well.

    • Well let’s be honest here. He is clearly blending and shading and picking proper colors for these pieces. They make excellent looking terrain for sure.

      • Absolutely. I mean, I like Rob’s painting style and would be very happy indeed to have models that look as good as his (even when he does go for the Hasbro colour scheme for his Ultras). But these terrain pieces look really top-notch professional.

      • Pshaw, there’s no blending on these. It’s just a series of gradually lighter drybrushes. This particular piece took very little effort. I agree with the Despot in that GW’s done a great job at creating some sharp looking terrain that’s quite easy to paint. A novice painter can make this particular piece look pretty fantastic with minimal effort.

      • I guess it just looks like some color blending from the photo. Good drybrush gradients then!

        The “kid color” theme only seems that way because of the use of the primary colors, hell…have you seen the banner at the top of the page?

    • I don’t recall stating that I don’t have talent–perhaps it was in reference to my Tyranids? I generally get compliments on their appearance, despite them taking very little effort (as with any dipped army). My Imperial force though, I do take pride in, and put forth the extra effort to paint them to a higher standard. They’re not “Golden Demon” quality, but I’m proud of each and every one of them.

      White dwarf quality though? I’m not so sure about that, but I’m flattered you think so.

  2. I wasn’t suggesting that you’ve said you have no talent – just that on a number of occasions – probably relating to your Tyranids – you’ve said something along the lines of ‘they’re not Golden Demon quality’ or that they took ‘very little effort’…

    Actually, re-reading my original post… Perhaps that is what I suggested… In any case what I meant was, you’ve never suggested that you think yourself to be an outstanding, potential golden daemon winning painter, even if you are very happy with your results.

    I know I like them, and yes, the terrain looks excellent indeed!

  3. Hmm… Interesting. I am hoping they bring back big, scary greater daemons, but the rules for the minor deamons look a bit lame.

    Maybe I’m just cynical, but it seems that every time GW bring out something new and exciting, they go and just take the edge of, spoil it a bit, but not staying focused on what they’re doing. So annoying rules slip through, units can’t do things they should ‘obviously’ be able to do, the rules don’t work out as intended and instead introduce new loopholes to exploit.

    Still, I remain a bit hopeful. I do like daemons, and it would be good to have a fun codex again that makes them feel like daemons.

    • Time will tell… again, these are just rumors, so take them with a grain of salt. I guess this book will come out in two months? I haven’t heard any rumors of release date, and I’d assume that if it was coming out next month, we’d have already heard something, no?

  4. I would have thought so. I’m pretty busy at the moment so I won’t worry about it too much until the book’s out. Not much I can do anyway!

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