Magic the Gathering Cards for Sale

I know that this blog is typically reserved for 40k related posts, but I have been known to talk about other games.  In fact, there’s an entire section of the blog devoted to board games.  Still, most of my readers don’t normally come here for that sort of traffic, so I’ll be sure not to bombard you with links to my MtG cards for sale.

However, it seems that it’d be silly of me not to at least throw one plug into the fray.  Hence, this is it.

I need to sell some things in support of my frugal gaming goal for the year, so I figured I’d start fresh with Magic (the one area of my hobby spending where I didn’t actually recoup any of my costs from last year).  So, I dug through various cards I had lying around for ages, and threw them up on ebay.

For a more obvious link, try the one below:

Click here to view my eBay auctions

PersonalTutorAnywho, there’s virtually nothing in here that’s “Standard” legal (which takes alot of effort for me to write, as my mind still thinks of it as “type II”) outside of some full-art basic lands (including a foil island); however there are quite a few popular cards from the more classic “Type I”/Vintage and Modern formats.  This includes cards like:

At the time of writing this, most of the auctions were still at $.01, so there are definitely some great deals to be had.  I’ve also included a few playsets of commons from Ravnica: City of Guilds (that wants to buy one that mentions this post, I’ll sell them at $15 each).

If commons and uncommons are your thing, I’ve also got a bunch of commons & uncommons from Invasion, Future Sight, Ravnica City of Guilds, Fifth Dawn, & Time Spiral that I didn’t bother to list.  If anything there turns you on, please drop me a line.

Otherwise, come support my frugal goals for the year and:

Click here to view my eBay auctions

P.S. for the 40k fans out there, there is one auction that might be of interest to you

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4 comments on “Magic the Gathering Cards for Sale

  1. Haven’t played MTG since high school. Fairly certain that I still have a white deck somewhere in my mother’s basement…

    Good luck with your sale. Hope you do as well as with your mini sales.

    • Thanks, Simon.

      There’s no chance I’ll make as much as I did with my mini sales. I’d be lucky if I made a quarter of the value as I did on the last set of ebay auctions. Then again, that much would more than cover all of the cards I bought last year, so I wouldn’t complain.

      If you’d like to throw down sometime, I have a bunch of decks. I find that I still quite enjoy playing on occassion. Warning though: the game has certainly gotten more complex since the days you and I used to play together…

      • I figured as much. Couldn’t very well carry the game this long if they didn’t add new rules and whatnot. I think the last time I played they had just introduced artifacts. It was fun though. That game had an interesting way of sparking one’s imagination.

      • Well, artifacts were in the very first set, so I doubt that’s the case. You’re probably thinking of the Antiquities expansion, which was REALLY heavy on artifacts. I remember hanging out at your parents’ house playing with Yotian soldiers, Mishra’s Factories, etc. You probably made it a little while longer, but those were good times…

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