Ultramarine Bastions

Several years ago, I got a deal on some GW terrain from a friend on mine out of Washington state. I can’t remember exactly what the deal was, but he somehow managed to get terrain new in the box for like 50% off retail. Since I love GW terrain, I picked up two Imperial Sectors, a Fortress of Redemption, and an Imperial Strongpoint (which, for those of you taking notes, is where I picked up the Aegis Defense Lines I painted earlier). Well, along with the strongpoint, came two bastions, and with my newfound interest in painting up fortifications, I decided to finally assemble them.

I’d lost the instructions, so I just haphazardly threw the models together however I wanted. I didn’t take too long assessing each of the pieces, figuring everything was the same, so you’ll note that the windows face random directions. Still, I think it turned out rather well overall. The only real problem I had in assembly was that I assembled all three tiers of the sides without putting any floors in. This resulted in me having to bust the top level off so I could slip the floor beneath it. I didn’t bother to glue any other floors inside the model, as they didnt’ seem to serve a purpose.

Then it came down to modelling. I wanted to give these a unique Ultramarine feel (which is probably foolish, seeing as I play multiple armies, and leaving them more generic would be to my benefit). Still, I’d already committed to BLOO theme with my defense lines, so why not kick it up a notch for these?

I dug up two pieces to base my conversions on. The first was one of the Cadian “at ease” models. Over the years, I’ve picked up 11 of these guys cheap through various trades/purchases: I’m not sure why, but I guess I wanted to make a squad for a diorama or something (not that I make dioramas, mind you). Anywho, 11 was going to just be one too many, so one of these guys was clearly a spare.

The second piece was the flag from the Iwo Jima diorama that GW produced years ago. I’m not sure what the special occasion was for the release, but I’ve a habit of picking up limited edition models, so I snagged this as well. It was just a spare bit in my box, since I’d already pieced out the models for other purposes (I believe 2 out of 3 of them found their way into a squad of Deathwatch–to be used as Sternguard, which never were painted).

After moving them around a bit, it turned out that they looked better on the same model. I paired the Iwo Jima flag with a standard flag from a Cadian command squad, which I felt made for a regal looking front of a bastion, flanking a statue of a cadian infantryman. I threw some bits from Dark Angels upgrade sprues around, and put the banner from a forgeworld Black Templar dreadnought on the back (I hate the way the Ultra version of the dread looks, so I bought this one instead, and again, never used the banner).

Pictures of the finished product can be found below. The pictures should appear in order, and are shown with the camera rotating clockwise around the bastion. As always, click on any of the images for a larger view.

Bastion2 (1) Bastion2 (2) Bastion2 (3) Bastion2 (4)

The second bastion wound up much like the first. Since I’d used both of the original bits that I’d set out to incorporate in the design, I had to go back to the bits box for more. The Ultramarine standard bearer from the GW Skullz promotion jumped out to me for another statue.

In all honestly, I found him earlier when the flags were mounted on the previous bastion, and I’d already pinned/glued the “at ease” cadian on to this one. Then, I was fumbling around for another model to put next to the flags and came up with this guy, but he just was too over-the-top for that, so I wound up switching the figures.

I think he works well because he’s distinctly BLOO, and he’s an older sculpt, so he’s flatter and doesn’t hang too far over the edge. As an added bonus, I’ve had him since the Skullz program was active, some 12+ years ago, and never found anything to do with him. Score!

The other model I’d considered was the older Marneus Calgar model in power armor. Not the one of him on a toilet, but the 2nd edition release. He had a cape that would’ve had to have been trimmed down, but provided a real symbol of pride for Ultramar. What made the decision easy for me is that I couldn’t find the bit for his arm, so the Skullz model won out…

Nothing else fancy went into this model: just some more DA biker bits and various brass etch from Forgeworld. Again, pictures of this can be seen below. Please feel free to click the thumbnails for larger images.

Bastion1 (1) Bastion1 (2) Bastion1 (3) Bastion1 (4)

As always, any comments/critiques are welcome. Thanks for dropping by!


9 comments on “Ultramarine Bastions

  1. These should look good all painted up. I don’t know how clean you want these to look, but some battle damage and general decay would look good. EGADS! I just came up with the name of my Nurgle Warlord.

    Behold and repent! The forces of General Decay have befallen us!

    • They come with some built-in damage (ie. bullet holes), and I don’t foresee putting much more than that on it. After all, every Ultramarine soldier is issued a standard polishing rag and a spray-bottle of industrial strength solvent to ensure that their armor is always perfectly clean.

  2. As much as I’m dreading an overwhelming bright blue and yellow fortress, these are looking very good.

    There’s something wrong with the thumbnails of the first bastion however. They look fine as thumbnails, but when you click on them, all four blow up the same picture (the first – the one with the guardsman facing the camera).

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