The Doom Just Got Better

For those of you who aren’t already aware, GW posted new FAQs recently (maybe even this morning). Most of them were for armies that I don’t play, so they don’t directly affect me (though I’m sure they’ll have an indirect impact, of course). In fact, the only codec I play with any regular frequency that got an update was Codex:Tyranids, and then, only one thing changed:

Page 54 – Mycetic Spore, Transport Spore.
Change the second paragraph to read “A Mycetic Spore can carry a single unit of up to 20 infantry models or a single monstrous creature within its armoured shell. Once a Mycetic Spore has landed, all creatures within must immediately deploy – place the unit such that every model is wholly within 6″ of the Mycetic Spore. If any models cannot be deployed because of impassable terrain or enemy models within 1″, those models are destroyed. A unit that Deep Strikes via a Mycetic Spore cannot move or assault in the same turn it arrives but may shoot or run.”

DoomUnicornWhen 6th edition was released, drop pods got far better with the introduction of the 6″ vehicle disembarkation rules. Sadly though, mycetic spores (though clearly designed as drop pods), weren’t vehicles, and therefore didn’t receive the additional 4″ ‘disembarkation’ rule. Thanks to GW for finally showing the bugs a little bit of love.

What this means is the doom just got a lot better: allowing him to better strategically place him with 6″ of more squads on the turn he comes down in his spore.

Maybe the next FAQ on pods will allow a prime to attach itself to a warrior squad that jumps in a pod?

Image Credit: Dr. Doom trademarked by Marvel Comics.


11 comments on “The Doom Just Got Better

  1. neat, though i assumed he got the 6 move to begin with.

    I would let a prime attach, imo it makes sense and i see little reason it would be an issue any more then a chapter master attaching to a tactical squad…

    Now GW just needs a sweet pod model!

    • I initially assumed the Doom got the disembarkation rules in the new edition as well, but Danny pointed out in a game vs. David that the Doom doesn’t technically disembark (the codex states that you just place models with 2″), so RAW, he’s right. It’s nice to get a ruling to go in favor of the ‘Nids.

      On the subject of the Prime joining a squad, for some reason GW FAQ’d the exact opposite. No idea what they were thinking there…

  2. But worse Genestealers, having been declawed with no AP2 modifier for the vehicle damage chart. Although I can see it reads that way now. More importantly – no quad gun and they promised n’all!

    • Not sure what you’re talking about on the Genestealers–was that in a general FAQ? Haven’t had a chance to read them all. As for the quad-gun, I’d heard someone on the internet say that he was told it was coming, but that was just rumor at best. I hope that they come around on the quad-gun, but you never know…

      • it clarified that rending against a vehicle doesn’t make you AP 2, i think most people around here had picked that up already.

        Overall the FAQ’s are kinda sparce, i didnt see an answer on stacking psychic powers which is annoying to me. I did appreciate them clarifying the psychic power swap rules for grey knights.

  3. 08ak11 has it. One of my mates had raised this previously but most of my other gaming buddies I think it was always assumed to be in effect. It’s in the general FAQ. As to the Quad Gun, yes I heard back from the Warhammer World guys prior to Throne of Skulls after talking to the guys in Games Development that it would be rectified as they were ‘aware that this is a problem and will be reviewing the situation’…

    • That must’ve been where I read that it was rumored to come true. I take all rumors with a HUGE grain of salt though. I liken it to back when GW had “Rulez Boyz” and people would call in for rulings. You could call in and ask anything, and they’d give you an answer. The problem was, you could call in again in an hour, get a different person, and they’d give you the opposite answer. Because of things like that, if it’s not documented, it didn’t happen. So, while it’s fun to hope that my Quad gun (inspired by you, of course) will one day be usable, I’m ok with it just looking pretty.

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