Aegis Defense Line – Painted

First, I asked for your input, and then I threw it aside.

AegisPainted (1)That’s not at all what I did, but it sort of feels that way.  I want to thank everyone again for providing feedback on my original color scheme ideas, as there was alot of constructive feedback about what would look good, and what would be more realistic in an actual battlefield setting.  What I ultimately went with was more of “What kind of garish loadout would ‘Varsity Team BLOO’ spray paint their fortifications.”

My goal was really to paint them to match the army as best as possible, and I opted to go with less metals in the finished product, as I’ve tried to stick to the 2nd edition scheme, and they’ve used relatively few metallic colors in their forces.  As a result, my overwhelmingly yellow walls have come off looking a might bit, cartoony.

I’ve learned to appreciate the look myself (mostly because painting yellow is a darn lot harder than painting metallic), but in hindsight, I kind of wish I’d gone with a boltgun trim, or even something like a grey/concrete wall with Ultramarine blue trim (both of which were suggestions by other readers, by the way).  They’d have made the walls blend in with the table more, and not distract from the look of the overall army.  Plus, a more sublte colored wall would’ve made it easier to find a color to paint the Aquillas.

AegisPainted (3)As it stands, I painted up two sets of Aegis Defense Lines, so I wound up painting one set of Aquillas with a silver motif, and another with a golden one.  Both seem to look in photos, but on the actual table, those little metal birdies get lost in a sea of yellow.

But perhaps that’s a good thing?  I mean, from a tactical perspective.  I’ve already discovered that people will immediately focus fire on the biggest and prettiest thing on the table (perhaps the number one reason why I don’t run my Flying Hive Tyrant anymore, and the reasons why I used to spend extra time and effort painting things like Carnifexes, in the hopes that they’d draw fire).  Granted, people can’t actually shoot at the defense lines, but perhaps their outlandish paint jobs can help direct people to fire at an IG squad hidden behind them, and force them to ingore more immediate threats?

Whatever the case, these are my lines for my Ultramarines and Ultramar Planetary Defense Force.  One day I’ll get around to painting up the quad guns for them as well. 🙂

By the way, if you’re interested, I also painted up an Aegis Defense Line for my Tyranid force.  Feel free to check that out as well…


10 comments on “Aegis Defense Line – Painted

  1. They look good, actually. Very fitting for a Second Edtion style paintjob Ultramarine force. Sometimes I wish I’d used old-school yellow instead of new-school gold.
    That flying Tyrant is boss, as well.

    • Thanks on both accounts. After reading this, I’m starting to really like the walls myself–especially the battle damaged parts. I don’t remember them looking so good in person–perhaps they just photograph well?

  2. Ye gads! Hang on a second while I turn the brightness and contrast on my screen right down!

    Although I quite like the garish ‘old school’ look of your Ultramarines, I can’t say I’m a fan of how these barricades have turned out. They look good / well painted but, um… “overwhelmingly yellow walls have come off looking a might bit, cartoony” … “distract from the look of the overall army”, etc.

    That said, I would like to see some photos of them set up on a board (staged for photos or in a real game) with troops behind them and attacking them. Just to see how they look next to the infantry.

    And of course, well painted ‘but not to my tastes’ beats ‘grey plastic’ every time.

  3. Oh, I forgot to add – have you thought about ‘dipping’ (painting dip on) these? I’m assuming you’d rule it out as being out of keeping with the rest of the collection that these walls go with, but if you were wanting to tone them down a bit, I wonder if it might help – while still allowing you to keep the colour scheme (and avoid having to repaint something you’ve already spent ages on).

    • You’re right in that I don’t want to, as it would make them drastically different than the rest of my ultramarines. As time goes on, they grow on me more and more. Sure, they’re outlandish, but so is the idea of painting military units in bright blue/yellow. 🙂

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