Aegis Defense Line Color Scheme – Input Wanted

Seeing as I’ve committed to playing with only painted models in 6th edition (at least for now), and my Tyranids are all but finished (still awaiting a dipping extravaganza), it’s time to start addressing some Space Marine goodies that I’ve been neglecting for a while.  Two particular focus points for me are thunderfire cannons and terrain/fortifications.  With the proliferation of Aegis Defense Lines, I went ahead and made those my next project.

AegisWIP (3)After throwing a coat of blue on the walls, I ran into a snag.  My first idea was to paint the trim in silver/boltgun, and then paint all of the aquillas in the traditional yellow of my Ultramarines.  After I painted one up though, I just wasn’t convinced it was a good look.

Granted, it doesn’t look bad, but I just don’t have much metallic paint on my army, preferring the 2nd edition paint scheme with lots of bold accents in primary colors.  The other possibility was to paint the trim in a nice contrasting color.  Red could work, but that’s a 5th company color scheme, and the rest of my army is painted in yellow.  So, in the interest of having decisions, I painted up the trim on one of the wall sections in yellow as well.

Keep in mind that neither is complete.  The boltgun just has a single coat (although a “finished” wall would likely have just a wash and a silver highlight).  The yellow has some bleed-over that needs to be cleaned up, but the yellow color scheme is what the end result would look like.

AegisWIP (1)The boltgun style is nice because it’s far easier to paint (in comparison, the yellow comes out to six coats of paint).  It also lets me paint the acquillas in yellow so they’ll really stand out.

The yellow is great because it just matches the theme of my army.  I hate that it takes so much more effort to paint (do I really want to worry about six coats of paint for terrain?), and I’m completely unsure as to what color to paint the aquilla.

So, the question is, which do you prefer, and why?  And if you prefer the yellow walls, what color do I paint that silly imperial eagle?


31 comments on “Aegis Defense Line Color Scheme – Input Wanted

  1. sorry dude, I am not digging that yellow, Got to admit I am not keen on the blue either if I am truthful. I prefer my aegis lines to look boring and just like some defense barricade and that’s it; so grey or green with metal frame work. But hey that’s just me.

      • Just the aegis mate, but that’s my opinion. These are your models so you paint them whatever you like 🙂

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      • Was just my tongue-in-cheek response. To tell the truth, I’ve already started painting them all yellow, but now that I look at the samples, that silver looks pretty decent to me. I’d also considered painting the core in a “cement” color with perhaps a silver/blue trim. I think that could wind up looking pretty sharp as well, but alas, I’m a fool for primary colors…

  2. I struggled with this exact situation a few months ago, and decided to forego blue altogether for mine. I went with olive drab. I figured even the ADLs used by my Ultramarines were stock Imperial kit, so should have stock Imperial colors.

  3. Of the two I prefer the Silver one. As far as the Blue or not, I think you should do blue. Just make it worn or covered in soot and grim, something to darken it. Perhaps have some basing material, flock, static grass rise up to break up the large blocks of blue.

      • I understand the parade ground look to their armor and weapons. It just seems that a wall would get dirt on it, especially one that gets moved from one position to another. Not to mention the battle damage the piece has built in.

      • Standard Ultramarines all come prepared with a vial of wax and a polishing cloth, to ensure the shiniest armor possible. Repairs to concrete are for the lesser beings of the Imperium to address. Therefore, the bullet holes are the responsibility of the Ultramar Planetary Defense, and not for the Adeptus Astartes to fret about… 🙂

  4. I kinda feel like with the yellow one that the ultramarines are behind it sipping tea with their pinkies extended instead of fighting.

    So yeah, the yellow one seems most in character.

  5. i like the the standard concrete core colour on aegis, but i think i’d like to se a blue trim on it with a silver aquila on it 🙂

  6. I think both of them look too bright and garish, and think something neutral would look much better. So of the two, I think the blue and silver looks much better. Better still would be something like a concrete grey, silver trim, a gold or yellow eagle, and some ‘U’ transfers – perhaps on a circle of blue to make the white stand out more.

    A recent white dwarf article on terrain – I think it was about building the space station board that appears in the new rulebook – says that they were initially planning to paint the station yellow, but then went for a drab look because the focus of a game should be the miniatures, not the scenery. I agree. I think the aegis lines need to blend into the background somewhat, or they actually spoil the overall look of the army.

    • Sorry about the delayed response. My thought was to paint them to match the army. They paint their armor, tanks, and seemingly everything bright and garish, why would their fortifications be any different? After finishing them, I find that they look good, but they’re a bit over-the-top. Plus, with the bright yellow trim, the aquillas don’t stand out at all.

      Still, they’re completed, and I have a personal pact that I won’t go back and repaint anything, because I have so much other crap that still has yet to be painted, so they’ll stay as is–for now.

      As for the comment about “terrain” blending into the background–there is a logical counter-argument that these pieces aren’t terrain, but are indeed models that I’m paying points for in my army. Why should they not be cohesive with the rest of the force?

      Thanks, as always, for the constructive critism. 🙂

  7. I was looking around for my ADL and found your site. I painted mine blue with leadbelcher (Boltgun silver), but plan to darken and highlight the leadbelcher with badab black/necron compound then for the walls, dawnstone over the blue.

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