Making Explosion Markers

Years ago, I stumbled upon a post over at Santa Cruz Warhammer that gave some pretty nifty ideas for making “vehicle destroyed” markers. The idea is that when a vehicle is wrecked/destroyed, it should generally stay on the table, but needs a suitable way of remembering that it’s really unusable. Their solution was to make flaming smoke piles with Halloween candles.

Halloween has come and gone, and I didn’t think to pick up any of those flameless candles back when they were cheap; however, my brother-in-law was goodly enough to get married recently, and their chief decorating motif was with these battery powered devices. Naturally, I commandeered as many as possible at the end of the event. They’ll serve to light up the fake pumpkins I’ve carved throughout the years (including a Tyranid hormagaunt and a my demonic baby fetus), but the spares went to making some of these nifty spoke objectives.

I won’t go through the details on how to make them, as Santa Cruz does that well already. I just figured I’d show you my finished products.

I didn’t have any painted vehicles handy when I was taking pictures, but you should get the idea from what you see. In total, I made a little over a dozen of these things. Since I got the candles for free, and already had a bunch of glue sticks (for the record, this only took one), I only had to pay for a bag of “christmas snow,” which came to $3.99. Sadly, I didn’t use even a 16th of that total bag though, so the total investment should be something more like $1.






13 comments on “Making Explosion Markers

    • Total time to make a dozen of them was definitely less than an hour. I was surprised at how quick they were–but then again, it’s just apply glue, and zap with spray paint, so I’m not sure how hard I expected them to be…

    • I haven’t played with them, but I think bigger would be problematic, as they already take up the bulk of the hull on a rhino chassis. Bigger would also be an issue because I was constrained by the size of the battery-operated candles, so bigger would’ve meant either more candles or more cotton.

      We’ll see what they look like in action when I actually play a game. I’m hoping to bring them to our next Apoc game–and, in that regard, bigger is always better, right?

  1. I was just pricing these out the day after Halloween to do the same thing – except to have “flaming buildings” during the 40K Warzone Tournament at Adepticon 2013. haha. You can find some cheap packs of 20 online.

  2. Fantastic, I had the same idea when I saw these “candles” at work at Halloween, I’d never seen them before lol. I’ve always toyed with wiring LEDs into scenery, but this takes all the hassle out.

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