Tyranid Quad-Gun (Painted)

Just a quick update on my hobby progress.  Yesterday, I finished my Tyranid Quad-Gun (you can see the WIP model here).  Nothing fancy with the paint job, as I’ve painted the weapon itself in an identical fashion as the Tervigons’ weapons.

The end result is slightly larger than the official quad gun model (though it appears much larger in the photo, due to the larger base I used), so I doubt anyone will take any issue with it.  This is especially true because GW–in it’s infinite wisdom–ruled that the Tyranids are the only army in the game that aren’t allowed to fire this gun.

Whatever the case, I wanted to have one to complete my Aegis Defense Line, and now I can check that off the list.  Matter of factly, I do believe that I’m done painting Tyranids–so now I just have to dip the rest of them.

Unless, of course, I decide to convert up some harpies….  Damn you, David.


8 comments on “Tyranid Quad-Gun (Painted)

  1. Kind of hard to judge until it’s been dipped, but it looks very neat, and as all your other dipped stuff looks great, I’m sure this will too when it’s done.

    If you’ve basically ‘finished’ your Tyranids… What does this mean? Are you planning to just cut back on spending and play with the stuff you’ve got? Or are there other army projects you’re wanting to finish (or start)?

  2. Those Harpies didn’t fair too well on Friday Rob.

    To be fair though, i think they’d be a lot better if they got used as a flying gun platform rather than attempting to assault my Noise Marines. Killed one on overwatch, and then the other with Krak Grenades. AP4 hurts those guys pretty bad.

    • Yeah, I never figured they’d be uber. When the book first came out, the internet was ablaze with how amazing they’d be, but they just didn’t seem to pencil out to me. That’s why I never bothered to make them, but after seeing Dave’s, I was tempted…

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