Tyranid Quad-Gun (kitbash)

I haven’t posted anything this past week because my free time has been consumed with the fallout caused by listing 80+ ebay auctions to end on the same day.  I’m glad to say that it went rather well (more to come on that subject), and I’m even more glad that it’s over.

That aside, I thought I’d put up a quick post on some of my modeling progress.  This past week, I cobbled together a Tyranid style quad-gun (to go with my Aegis Defense Line).  Credit where credit is due, the idea was wholly inspired by Dwez over at Confessions of a 40k Addict.

Perhaps “inspired” is the wrong word, and I’d be better off using the term “blatantly stolen from Dwez?”

I think my version is different enough than his to warrant the inspiration tag.  Whereas he put far more effort into it than I bothered to–prefering to go for the quick and cheap solution.   Since I’ve already gone with a seashell theme (see my post on using barnacles for drop pods), I extended the theme by using a common spiral shell for the base of this platform.  I drilled a smallish hole out of it (for the record, those shells are frickin’ tough), and glued a Tyrannofex gun into place.  I threw a carnifex “node” (adrenal gland, perhaps?) into place to give it a “brain,” and used some leftover gargoyle tails as the tentacles (I’d previously used the wings to make flying warriors).

I’m content with the conversion as is.  Granted, it could probably look far better with a little extra love, but it’s at the “good enough” stage, which is the bar that I’ve set on my Tyranid force…

The only other component is a little hot glue (again, a tip I’ve gone over in the past with my mycetic spores).  I’m not sure I’m 100% happy with that, but my wife said it looked good, so I’m taking her word for it.

Technically speaking, it is small enough to fit on a 40mm base (which is about right for the size, but I opted to put it on a 60mm base so that I could make it stand out a little bit more, and add the tentacles.

Anywho, that’s all for now.  In the upcoming weeks I intend to post a few outstanding batreps from 6th edition, and hopefully a painting progress post (that might cover this as well, if I get my arse in gear…)


15 comments on “Tyranid Quad-Gun (kitbash)

  1. You cannot steal what’s freely given 😉 and I think it’s definitely inspired. I really like the tails, it looks like a hermit crab even though they’re pointing up instead of down. You could imagine this slowly scuttling across the battlefield if need be to take up a better firing position. Here’s hoping the next FAQ makes it usable in the real world, outside of ones own sympathetic gamer buddies.

    • That would be nice, but I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you.

      I agree on the tails–before they were added, it just looked like a shell; they definitely add a lot of character to the “finished” model.

    • I believe the official ruling prevents them from firing both weapon emplacements and emplaced weapons. I’m not sure why they’d make so many rulings against a single army, but them’s the breaks. So, why did I make it? Well, I wanted to have a completed set, and was thoroughly inspired by Dwez’s masterpieces.

  2. Oh cool, so this site has real content and not just links to various Ebay auctions? 😛

    I’m still not getting why aegis lines are so popular. If you’re playing with enough terrain, the stuff on the table is free! I guess I haven’t found that flyers are devastating enough to warrant the necessity of air defense. But your model looks cool anyway!

    • Yeah, I recognize that last week was a little rough–but I’m not above whoring my smallish readership out for increased sales.

      As for Aegis defense lines, I’ve never used one (my personal goal for 6th is to not use any unpainted models–but I’m sure that will fail soon enough). I think they’re great though. Sure, you can use existing terrain for “free,” but the defense line gives you better cover, and you get to determine where to place it. Is it worth 50 points to give a 3+ cover save to a unit or two? That really seems like a steal to me–the gun is just gravy on top.

      Once I get mine painted up, you bet your tucuss I’ll be using them.

      • I thought I’d been playing it wrong for a minute there when I saw 3+ save. That’s just for fortifications [granted a defence line is one] but page 104 says that it follows the rules for Barricades and Walls, which are 4+, except if you Go to Ground it becomes 2+ instead of 3+. Of course that’s impossible for Tyranids in Synapse range but any outside range can do so for the 2+ save, though I think I forgot that recently.

        Regarding Vilicates question about what’s the point of them? Well you can position decent cover where you want it and when it comes to nids who’s standard saves are woeful that’s really handy. Marines don’t need it so much but my defence line was invaluable at changing the way my opponents tackled me at the recent Throne of Skulls torunament I went to and they’re great for protecting objectives too.

      • I haven’t used one myself–I have played against them, but I don’t recall what people were using (4++ or 3++). The rules aren’t 100% clear, but I’m guessing you’re right. Presumably, this has been FAQ’d.

  3. Looks brilliant! Perhaps it could have benefitted from using a bigger shell, but the brain and tentacles really make it look like a part of the army. Plus, I like that it’s a way to use the model of a weapon which is pretty rubbish and probably never gets played otherwise.

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