Last Day for Ebay Auctions

Just a quick update today to remind you that it’s the last day to bid on my ebay auctions.  All auctions are scheduled to end between 6-8pm PST tonight (October 27th, 2012).

So you’re aware, there are still quite a few great deals available, including the following:

Note:  the prices listed are the actual prices that the auctions are at now (excluding shipping costs), this is because if you’re already winning another of my auctions, you can use combined shipping to often add then for free shipping.

However, I know that’s often unrealistic, so the numbers listed as “% off retail” are the discount from retail price, including the cost to ship them to your house.  Seriously, you can own a squad of Ogryn for only 21% of their total value—and these are brand new models that have never seen paint!

And this is really just a sampling of some of the best prices available.  Most of the auctions are currently selling for somewhere between 50-60% off retail (including shipping).  If you’re planning on buying some models from GW or your local retailer, you owe it to yourself to at least check ebay before you pay full value.

So what are you waiting for?

Check out my other auctions here.


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