Converted Cadians Gone Chaos!

For today’s eBay preview, I wanted to go a little into depth in to the Imperial Guard conversions that are up for sale.  No, not the Praetorian Guard that I spoke of yesterday, but two sets of Cadian models that have been heavily converted to be traitor guard.

Now, I don’t normally like to toot my own horn, and this isn’t an exception.  I really love these models, but I can brag about them because I had nothing to do with them.  I actually picked these up in a massive trade last year for a Skaven army I had lying around.   So, if you’ll excuse my bragging.

These guys are just beautiful.  The guy I picked them up from lovingly shaved off all of the Imperial symbols from the models.  If you look at their chests, canteens, helmets, and guns, you’ll find every single one of them has been cleaned off.  The first squad (of 35) models is in it’s raw form: unpainted, and the latter is a painted squad (of 25) figures, which have had free-hand chaos symbols drawn in where the aquillas used to be.

When I posted the auctions, I took a big picture of each of the squads, but that really didn’t do them justice.  Today, I took some better close-up pictures to give you, readers of my blog, a better look at just what you’re bidding on.

I went ahead and posted a few close-up images from some of the models in each squad.  Naturally, with 60 total models, there are far more than I took pictures of, but these are a pretty good sampling.  Note in the pictures that some of the unpainted models have some slight file marks on their helmets (where the Imperial symbols used to be).  I’m not sure if those would need to be smoothed out even further to get the effect achieved on the painted version or not, but I’m sure it couldn’t hurt.

For the most part, the models are pretty clean though, so any required smoothing should be relatively minimal.

As for the painted models, since I picked them up off a guy, I’m not sure what the exact color scheme he used was.  He actually did up an entire force of renegade IG, including a bunch of chimeras, basilisks, manticores, etc.  I just haven’t bothered to sell them just yet, but if you’re interested, let me know and we can try to work something out.

Again, I feel these guys look amazing—but don’t take my word for it.  The pictures speak for themselves.

So, if they’re so cool, why don’t I keep them?  Well, the honest answer is that I just have too much crap.  I already have an IG army (painted to match my Ultramarines).  Granted, those aren’t chaos cultists (which these are an obvious stand-in for), but on that front, I have 60+ of the 2nd edition metal robed cultists w/ hand weapons, plus a bunch of zombies, and ambitions of converting up a bunch of Cadians for a Genestealer cult.   Not to mention, I have 50+ Ratskin renegades to use as a rat-themed chaos force.   So really, how many different IG armies does one guy need?

So, my obsessive collecting, and need to cleanse my shelves of stuff is your gain.  Please, take a look at my ebay auctions for 35 unpainted Cadians and 25 painted Cadians.

Of course, these aren’t the only auctions I have up for sale.  If you click through my other auctions, you’ll find various IG lots up for sale, including a Sentinel, Snipers, plus (of course), those Praetorians.  There’s also a ton of chaos lots up.  Some of the niftier auctions include some classic OOP renegade models, khorne lords on juggernauts, Forgeworld bits, and more daemons of chaos than you can shake a stick at (30+ each of bloodletters, daemonettes, & horrors, plus a handful of plaguebearers as well).

While you’re at it, go ahead and take a look at these, and the rest of my auctions at the link below:

Check out my other auctions here.

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