Old School Chaos Marines

I’m a big fan of classic models (hence the name of the site), but sometimes you really can have too much of a good thing.  I’ve a battleforce of chaos renegade marines from the 1990’s (roughly six squads), and quite frankly, I have more than I think I’ll ever reasonably field (funny that I draw the line at “reasonable” for that particular army…)

Anywho, my sensibility is your gain.  This week, I’ve put a ton of models up for sale on eBay, including a smattering of classic metal chaos models.

Plague bearers from the days where they all had individual names.  I looked up on the stuff of legends website, and came up with the following models:

  • Vomitgrot
  • Wormrot
  • Poxspreader
  • Putridsore
  • Sporestench
  • Plaguescum

I personally think these models have a lot of character, and fully intended to use them as my daemons for my force, but then I opted to use Skaven as my demons (they tied in with the ratskin “cultists” I’ve been collecting for years).

I’ve also put up two lots of Khorne marines.  The first lot is 9 khorne marines with various close combat weapons.  Technically speaking, these might not be considered “rogue trader” era, but I’m not sure what time to place them in.  I think they were actually released between the two editions of first and second, and so they’re not quite the classic renegades, and not quite the 2nd edition line.  Well, that’s true of the first lot of models that are completely ensconced in power armor—though you’ll find the original iconic Khorne Berserker model that served as a baseline for all ‘zerkers to come.

I’ve also put up a lot of skull headed marines that are definitively second edition era to me.  I believe when they were released they were called Khorne Assault Marines, and they were rumored to adorn their bodies with the fallen parts of their victims (hence the skull helmets).  I don’t remember why they were partially naked (in the fluff that is—I’m sure the sculptor just likened them to gladiators of old).  Honestly, I was never a big fan of these guys—not even when they were originally released.  I just had a chance to pick them up 10 or so years ago, and I figured they would be hard to replace if I wanted them again, so I purchased…

Silly me.

Lastly, there’s a lot of six classic renegade marines from various chapters (astute readers will notice there are actually seven marines in the picture, but one of them is a cheesy conversion of a newer 3rd/4th era marine).  All of them could easily pass as undivided marines, but I think there are representiatives from Khorne, Tzeentch, & Slaanesh here (all factions except Nurgle.  I’d throw in Nurgle stuff, but I honestly haven’t picked up many of those, and certainly none are spare, since they always seem to go for a high price online).

Like I said, these are all spare marines that I don’t need anymore.  I’m hoping these go to a collector, or someone who otherwise appreciates these classic models as much as I do.  You can see these, and a whole lot more (for Chaos alone, I’ve listed “current edition” metal plague marines, Dark vengeance Cultists, tons of IG/Necromunda models to be used as cultists, and an entire Daemon army).  You can givew them all by going to my ebay auctions link.

As always, thanks for stopping by.


2 comments on “Old School Chaos Marines

    • Thanks, sir. Gotten tired of my incessent self-promotion yet?

      As for that blog, I have seen it, but I sadly have to admit that I don’t care for the classic imperial models at all. They all look tiny and deformed. I think the chaos models look better, but as to whether they’re actually better sculpts, or the deformation suits them better, I can’t rightfully say…

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