Lord Help the Mr. Who Comes Between Me and My Sisters

Bonus points to anyone who caught the Irving Berlin reference.

So, anywho, I went ahead and bought yet another army.  Sadly, it’s another army that I don’t really have an interest in playing–but it was reasonably priced, and Sisters seem fairly hard to get.  Maybe I can use this as trade bait to get something I actually do want?

That aside, I combined the few extra sisters models I already owned into the lot and now have a total of:

  • 1x Canoness
  • 3x Sisters w/ banner
  • 2x Sisters w/ Simulacrum
  • 2x Sister Superior
  • 37x Sisters
  • 2x Sisters w/ Meltagun
  • 1x Sister w/ flamer
  • 1x Sister w/ h. bolter (missing weapon)
  • 1x Sister w/ storm bolter
  • 2x Sisters w/ H.Flamer
  • 5x Arco-flagellents
  • 7x Sisters Repentia
  • 2x Immolators (turrets as shown)
  • 7x Seraphim (w/ sister superior & 1x hand flamers)

With the exception of the missing heavy bolter, everything is complete (surprisingly no backpacks are missing), and nothing is broken.  I also have a few spare female Inquisitors and various assassins as well.  Plus I have a bunch of rhinos that are NIB.  All in all, it seems like a pretty reasonable army (though I’d imagine you might want a few more special/heavy weapons).

Anyone got good stuff from my trade list available?

One comment on “Lord Help the Mr. Who Comes Between Me and My Sisters

  1. I have three unpainted Necromunda Ratskins. They’re the first Ratskins release. They’re all armed with autoguns – two are crouching, the other one is calling out with his hand to his mouth. I also have four other non-GW figures with a Native American/sci-fi theme that match the Ratskins well. Two good shaman types. Would you be interested in trading for a few Sisters of Battle? I’m interested in the 2 Sisters w/meltaguns that you have. Email me, thanks!

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