$1000 Spent, and What’s to Show for it?

If you weren’t aware, I’ve been tracking my spending in a public fashion this year.  Each dollar I spent towards gaming goes up on my Frugal Gaming 2012 page, along with every sale I do to offset my addiction.  Well, this adventure has been going for 8 months this year, and I hit a critical threshold.

By the end of July, I’ve managed to spend more than $1000 (net–I’d hate to think what the gross is) on my hobbies.  While I did better in the actual month of August, September saw my total creep up beyond the $1k mark again.  This project was supposed to curb my spending, though I’m not sure it’s actually working.   So, with a grand spent on gaming this year already (I can’t believe I’m reading that–can it really be true), I figured I’d go back and see just what’s going on.

Stuff that jumps out at me as alarming includes:

  • I’ve crossed the threshold of $1000 spent on hobbies.  This is definitely the biggie here.  In a total of 8 months, I’ve gone overboard again.  Though the deals have been pretty good, it’s a far cry from a cheap hobby at this point.
  • I’ve picked up 8 armies this year (including two that I traded for, but the other six were purchased).  Sure I got each one at a good deal, but considering my New Year’s resolutions for 2011 were to avoid picking up new armies, that would be a failure.  Of course, I was smart this year, and didn’t do any resolutions!  Who am I kidding though. I have entirely too many models.  Buy them from me please.
  • I spent a total of -$216 on Magic: the Gathering including more than $60 on deck boxes/sleeves alone!  This was supposed to be a cheap hobby–so what in the world am I doing?!?!
  • A total of -346.43 spent on board games.  Though I have a decent collection of games, I never would’ve though I spent that much in a year on them.  Granted, the one chance where I bought out a slough of games for $200 does make up the bulk of that number.  I should sell some extra games that I don’t play though.  If not for cost savings, then to save space!

I find it particularly interesting that 40k has only taken up half of my total spending for the year in hobbies.  I certainly would’ve thought it had been more, and I’ve done well on my purchases (despite needing to sell excess).  So, let’s check out the things I still have for my GW investments this year (all of which really are for sale):

Now some of that stuff has already sold, but a large portion of it’s still kicking around my closet.  Anyone interested?

With all of that loot to show for it, clearly the part of my hobby spending that needs to be curbed is the costs of board games & MtG spending.   Feel free to goad me every time you see me spending money.  Perhaps your negative reinforcement can keep me in check?

6 comments on “$1000 Spent, and What’s to Show for it?

  1. I blew through my 1000 dollar limit for the year back in February when I had to buy a new computer…. so you are doing fine as far as I can tell! It could be worse! At least you can turn around and sell a lot the stuff, unlike digital products like games and whatnot.

    • That’s really the attitude I want to take, but I have a hard time doing it. You’re right in that I could sell some stuff, which is what I’m going to do. I’d love to see me get down below $0 spent for the year. That would make me really happy.

  2. I have no idea why you call yourself a cheapskate. Frugal sure. I mean you’ve spent more in 8 months on gaming than I have in my six years of 40K. I’d say I’m the cheap one 😛

    • I guess I use the words interchangably.

      You’ve honestly never spent more than $1k on 40k? I used to say that I was super cheap and had relatively little invested, but I couldn’t back that up with anything. That’s what spawned this frugal gaming experience. I wondered what I really spent, and hoped it would be less. Granted, this year does seem like there are an unusually high amount of really cheap armies I’m snapping up.

      I’m happy I’m doing this though (despite not being happy with the total). The fact that I know what the total is can help me to recognize and react. I guess it’s like dieting, that way…

      • I’ve been super cheap with 40K. If it’s not an eBay find, which I generally refuse to pay more than 50% value for, then it’s generally something I’m buying from tournament winnings. That’s not to say I get much from tournaments these days, if at all, so usually it’s eBay. I do buy the occasional box, or more recently Dark Vengeance (which I split), but yeah I’d say it’s easily under $1K.

        My problem isn’t so much that I’m cheap, though I admittedly can be, it’s more that I think FOREVER on any given purchase. I’m the guy that salesmen hate because I’m not an impulse buyer.

      • Have you only been playing for six years? It would seem unusual for someone to have started off directly from ebay purchases, and not at least had a few initial purchases direct from a retailer. It’s definitely the smartest way to go mind you, but it’s still unusual.

        I wish I’d kept track of everything I spent on the hobby since I first got in back in ’92. I’m sure it’d be astonishing… More to the point, I wonder if I’d break even if I sold it all now?

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