Tyranid Dice

Last year, I wrote a post about the new Ultramarine dice I’d purchased.  That post was almost a year ago to the date (technically it was 343 days ago, so just shy of two weeks ago).

Anywho, back in the day, I wrote about my Ultramarine flavored dice, but I never mentioned that I’d also picked up some for my Tyranids.

Well, I did pick up some.  This was last year, when I’d ordered Tyranid dice for all of the bug players in my local area.  My goal was to get everyone dice that matched their armies, so I picked up some green/purple dice for Jerm (technically not in my neighborhood, but a long-time friend, just the same), some green/white dice for Blaine (they didn’t have green/silver), black/yellow dice for Simon, and some orange/black dice for Cole (which I think are the prettiest, and most likely the best rolling of the lot).   Oh, and of course, the yellow/blue dice for me.

For those that are wondering, these were custom dice purchased from www.chessex.com, and the actual colors of the two types of dice you see are:

  • Gemini Black-blue w/gold
  • Gemini Blue-gold w/white
The overall quality is great (not perfect, but they’re pretty fantastic to me), and they had the logo shape in-stock, so I didn’t have to dig up a picture of them.  Actually, they had two Tyranid shapes to choose from: the ripper, and a warrior’s head.  I’m sure they don’t advertise this though, as it’s most likely IP infringement…
Anywho, due to the number of dice I’d ordered, the price per die was down to $.50 each.  Sure, that’s probably too much to spend on dice, but they really just add to the flavor of an army.  Each guy I’ve purchased them uses them constantly.  So, if you’re looking for x-mas presents for friends, I’d definitely recommend these…

13 comments on “Tyranid Dice

  1. such cheater dice….

    Rob you comin to this tournie man? I need to know so i can prep a Rob Trophy or not =) I know i’ve been pushin but it’s cool if your still not into it despite promises of trophies and burrito’s…

    • Yup, I’m planning on coming.

      Don’t worry about the trophy/burrito. I figure you’re a good guy, and if you wanted me to come badly enough to offer those things, I should feel honored. The way I see it, it’d be rude of me not to come. So yeah, I’ll be there (baring any crazy unforeseen circumstances).

      I still don’t know what army to bring though…

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