Anyone Want to Buy a Dreamforge Titan?

This is really a question for my Alaskan gamer friends out there.  As you may know, Dreamforge Games is hosting a kickstarter release of their “Leviathan Crusader” (aka, Grey Knight style titan).   I really loved the model when it was originally released in resin, but couldn’t justify paying $375 for another model, so I had to pass on it.  Now, with the Kickstarter, I jumped on the chance to pick one up for under $100 ($89 to be exact).

But then I got to thinking–and if you don’t already know me–that’s a pretty dangerous thing.  I started wondering if it was a good purchase to pick up a four-pack of these guys, and save $14 per model doing so.  I’m not sure what the eventual retail price will be when they go on sale, but presumably higher than the kickstarter? (at least that’s my guess).  So maybe I could pick up four and then resell some for a profit.

That just isn’t in the cards though.  While it’s possible, I’d rather not roll the bones on this, so I thought I’d ask around to find if anyone local was intending to buy one (or more, I guess) of these things, and we could pool our orders to get a better discount.

So, any takers?

In case anyone else is interested and didn’t click on the link above: here is the kickstarter link I’m talking about.  You can also pick up some IG-like models, but personally I’m only interested in the Titans.

Image Credit: Dreamforge Games.  Used without permission, but hopefully the free advertising for their kickstarter will allow them to turn a blind eye to my DMCA theft… 😉

8 comments on “Anyone Want to Buy a Dreamforge Titan?

  1. I tossed my money in last week. I am only hopping that it get to the $90,000 level so i can get the Mortis pattern model. I think i can get a better conversion out of a seccond try.

    • You know, at first I was hoping to get the Mortis, but you’re the reason why I ultimately gave up on that dream. When these models were first announced (way back when), I really liked the Mortis pattern, but didn’t know exactly what I would use it for. Then, after I saw yours painted up as a Necron, I have a hard time seeing it as anything else. Since I’ve no intention of ever playing ‘crons, I don’t know that I’d ever have a purpose for it (though it is cool looking).

      • I have seen the Mortis painted up with Chaos markings. It should be easy add some spikes, blood, Chaos icons and your ready to go with no weapon swaps. I hade to convert the weapons up clean up the look a but to make it fit.

        Now the Knight pattern screams Imperium with only a paint job. Also the weapons fit right in to the 40K stile with little to no work.

        Last thing i am leaving Alaska in the spring so my necron Mortis titan with it so get the model you want because any conflict will be gone soon.

      • Oh, I never meant that anyone would be confused by it–the local crowd is cool, and I’m sure they’d have no issue with it. It’s a problem with my brain. After seeing yours, I’m not sure I could ever really consider it anything other than a Necron contraption…

    • How big is the standard dreadknight model? I wondered what they would work for as stand-ins, but I’ve purchased too many things without really seeing them, and gotten burned. Hopefully these work out for you.

      Is he offering the replacement arm weapons for them as well? Are they still $25 each?

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