Painted Tervigons

I’m sure if you look at the pictures, you might be a little confused, as some of them look suspiciously like Tyrannofexes instead of Tervies; however, if you’re a follower of this blog, you likely realize how enamoured I am with magnetizing every option possible in a kit.  That way I can purchase / paint fewer models and still field basically anything I want to in the codex.

It used to be that I would purchase the maximum number of models I could field in a FoC.  That way, no matter what I wanted to field, I knew that I had it.  It seemed like a great idea, and with the crazy deals I seem to find, cost wasn’t a huge factor, but there was just no way I was going to be able to paint all of those.  Nowadays, I tend to buy the maximum that I’d ever realistically field.  So, while it is possible to field 5 Tervigons and 3 Tyrannofexes in a game (or heck, 10 Tervigons & 6 Tyrannofexes in a 2000+ point 6th edition game), I just wouldn’t do that (or at least more than once).  And there’s no sense in buying models just to field them once.

Anywho, so I have three total Tervigons here, each painted up with seperate squad markings (well, two were painted differently and one was left plain.  I know that I’ll never field these in squads (well, perhaps in 7th edition), but I like having each one looking distinct.  That way, if someone asks me which one is which, I can say “the pink one has <random psychic power.”  So, while not strictly necessary, I think it makes things a little easier for both me and my opponent–plus it helps tie them in with all of the little colored squads I have already.

For squad markings, you’ll see that I didn’t use the same striped pattern that I used on my termagants, but rather used a splotchy design that I implemented with the Hierophant (though it’s really only noticable from the back, and slightly from the side).  I kind of wish I’d used the same method on the smaller bugs as well to make the army more uniform, but I think it works out alright as is, as I’ve only painted the really large bugs with this pattern.  Of course, I did paint my venomthropes with a lightning bolt design for some reason… not sure what was going through my head at that time.

Enough tangents though.  You’ll see that I painted up every weapon variant available to both the ‘fex and the Tervigon, despite some of them being subpar.  The reason I did this is because you never know what will become good in the future, either by shifts in the metagame, or with the release of a new rulebook or codex.  Besides, I don’t always run my models with what’s considered the “optimal” configuration, as each tends to have some value–if only looking cool.

It’s really a plain scheme, but with the stain, it seems to really produce some great results.  (Forgive me for tooting my own horn).  There’re only a couple of parts that got some extra little touches, including some really slight blue washes over the egg sacs where you could see termagant heads poking out.  I hope that it’s not too subtle and isn’t covered up completely by the stain–but even if it does, I didn’t spend that much time adding that touch.

The other arms don’t have anything fancy, but the scheme is so basic that it lends for some solid contrast.  Whereas I normally use blue/bone exclusively and red for particularly fleshy bits/guns, I also threw in a fair bit of pink/green for the egg sacs and other gooey chunks.  In the end, I really like how the red stands out against the blue/bone, and think these guys will look lovely when dipped.

If you’re wondering how I magnetized these guys, you can check out this post.  Really though, there’s nothing terribly earth shattering there–just “rare earth” magnets and a little putty here and there.

Anywho, that’s all for now.  There are some more pictures/thumbnails below.  As always, you should be able to click on any of the pictures to see a larger format.  Thanks for dropping by!


13 comments on “Painted Tervigons

    • Me either. I think they’re going to look fantastic.

      I just don’t care for dipping, so I’d rather have everything for the army finished before I enter that morass again. Better to stain my entire body (and garage) once rather than to keep doing it again and again.

  1. Looking forward to potentially gunning these down, Apoc or otherwise. I should have like 4k of ‘Crons painted by the next Muldoon Apoc game. Though, i’ll probably be on your team.

    In that case, I hope they never blow out those bug vajayjays. 😀

    • I’m surprised you don’t already have 4k of ‘crons painted.

      But now that you mention it, do you come to Muldoon games? I know you used to come to Muldoon sporatically (hopefully more this year, since the Church closed). I just did another post (scheduled to go live next week) where I assessed the games I’d played in 5th edition, and realized that you’re on the list of folks that I haven’t played against yet, so maybe sometime this year you can school me?

      • I do when I don’t have options. It’s not that I don’t like Muldoon, or Drew, or the people that go there, but all my other gaming friends pretty much played at the church. Plus it was right down the street from where I lived.

        You’ll see me for sure at Muldoon this year. Probably every week. Getting tired of going to Bosco’s and not being able to get a game due to fear.

        I’d love to get a(some) game(s) against you Rob. I don’t even mind pausing for pictures.

      • People are frightened of my raw power.

        No, seriously, I’m not sure. Maybe I’m an ass to play against or something, but I can’t get more than like one game a week out of that place. It might be due to winning too much?

      • That’s entirely possible. I think that people that win alot are often seen as power gamers, so maybe you have a stigma about you? I’ll admit that I get that vibe from people that consistently run the exact same list (or very similar ones each time)–especially if they keep stats on them, or state that they’re trying to learn all of a particular lists’ pros/cons before moving on to another.

        I try to avoid that by mixing up my army lists significantly, and playing “non-optimized” choices.

        Then again, if you were routinely getting games at the church, maybe it’s just based upon false assumptions or clickes there at Bosco’s?

  2. Looking really good! I especially like the egg sacs!

    I do like the fleshborer hive arms too – it’s a shame they seem so unlikely to be used by anyone.

    • Thanks.

      What do you mean by “fleshborer hive arms”? Are those the shield looking arms (the ones in this pic: I agree that they’re really spiffy looking,and practically speaking, they’re not bad in the game. The problem I have with them is that they’re just more of the same. Effectively, this turns this giant behemoth into a squad of termagants for shooting. There’s just so many ways in the ‘dex to deal with hordes, and fewer ways to deal with vehicles (at range) that I don’t see them getting much love. Of course, if I painted them up, you know I”m going to run them somtime…

      • better now that you can overwatch…20 fleshborer shots, 4 stinger shots, and d3 dessecrator beetle auto hits could be a very ruff overwatch.

        This with perhaps a venomthrope brood behind it, and some zonathropes giving the Tyrano Endurance from Biomancy would make a very useful front line meat shield bug….

        lookin good Rob!

      • Yep; they’re the ones. Indeed, I don’t dislike what they do, but as you say, it’s not like the codex is short of anti-light infantry options. But the tyranofex is just so expensive that I just don’t think it’s worth using in this way. Land Raider points to put out the firepower of a squad of termegants? Surely there are better things to buy, even if they are very tough.

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