Three New Armies

I need more armies like I need a hole in the head, but I went and did it again (actually I picked up a fourth as well, but I traded for that one and no money was involved, so that hardly counts, right?).  Anywho, this time I wound up meeting a guy that was getting out of the hobby, and he wanted to unload all three of his forces cheap.  He did a fairly detailed listing on a local forum and got little reply, so after a while I sent him a message to see if he had more stuff lying around that he’d forgotten to include.

I checked it out and everything looked to be in good condition.  Frankly, it was overpriced to me (even near 75% off and being in pretty good condition, but I have no use for it, and really don’t wind up selling much stuff–in short, my house is where 40k models go to die).  Normally, I’d have talked him down (and it was clear that he would’ve let me), but I took his financial situation into consideration, and figured the extra few bucks would help him more than they’d hurt me).

So, enough with the stories, on to the loot (each with a link to the appropriate picture):

Space Marines (generic)

Space Wolves

Blood Angels



So that’s the total haul.  Well, he also threw in two toolboxes that he used to transport his armies, but after I parse this stuff out and figure out what I want to sell/keep, those will probably get turned into real toolboxes for my car/office (go figure).  All in all, total retail on this was somewhere north of $2k (assuming it was all complete and new).  Normally, I never would’ve done this, and after digging through it all (post sale) I noticed more bits were missing than I’d originally thought, so it’s worse still than I’d expected.  Oh well, I’m still happy with the deal, as I felt that I was helping a guy out (if you can believe that).  More on that later…

Just a reminder, virtually everything on here is for sale (the only exception I can think of is the soul grinder–it’s just too pretty to let go of), so if you want something feel free to drop me a line with an offer.  Also, I went to the trouble to take pictures of everything so if you want to know about condition, please take a moment to look at the pictures to see if you can answer the questions yourself.

As always, thanks for dropping by…


Edit: One thing I forgot to add is that I did sell a five man squad of devastators and another five man squad of honor guard already.  In case anyone is quietly doing the math on what the actual ratio was for this purchase.

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