Tyranid Painting Progress: Termagants

Though I’ve yet to play a game of 6th edition, modelling progress is still coming slow and steady.  Last month, I posted a pic of a bunch of primed bugs, and I’m happy to say that theyr’e almost all painted.  I finished painting the magnetized tervigons (though for some reason, I haven’t yet taken any pictures of them), and now I’ve completed the termagants of the lot.

I wanted to refer those back to my previously painted termies, but it appears that I’ve been remiss in taking pictures of my completed works (or at least posting them online).  Last month, I had 6 “squads” of termagants that were painted.  I use the term loosely because some of the “squads” were just two models though.  Each squad includes two classic models armed with stranglewebs (because I had them, and why not), along with (what should be) 20 guys with guns.  Due to a shortage of models, not all squads were 20 strong when I originally painted them up.  What I recall having were:

  • Plain squad – 20 termagants w/ fleshborers + 2 stranglewebs
  • Blue squad – 20 termagants w/ fleshborers + 2 stranglewebs
  • Pink squad – 20 termagants w/ fleshborers + 2 stranglewebs
  • Orange squad – 17 termagants w/ fleshborers + 2 stranglewebs
  • Green squad – 13 termagants w/ spinefists + 2 stranglewebs
  • Yellow squad – 2 stranglewebs


After picking up some cheap Tyranids earlier this year, I decided to fill out the orange squad and add 20 termagants w/ devourers to the yellow squad, thereby completing two more units.  For some reason, I didn’t bother to go through my bits box to see if I could complete 7 more models with spinefists to just complete all my termagants though–not sure what I was thinking.  I should probably do that before I go dip these guys.

Anywho, what you see is 23 painted termies, including three “orange” models with fleshborers, and 20 “yellow” models with devourers.  These really took far longer than they should’ve, and I blame my wife for that.  Typically, my gaunts are just blue, bone, with a splash of red/white/pink for eyes/teeth/tongues.   Since I’d painted the devourers red on all of my larger bugs, I asked the wife if she thought it was fine to leave them blue, or paint them red.  Naturally, she opted for the option that included more work for me.

I think the red really pops in the end result (which should look fairly fantastic after dipping), but four coats of red on every model almost doubled the amount of effort that went into each figure.  Granted, we’re not talking about alot of work even with that included, but I’m a particularly lazy kind of guy, and this was supposed to be my “quick paint” army. 

Either way, I’m glad to see these guys done.  This leaves, 2x malenthropes, a “lictor” and, some meotic spores left to paint in order to “finish” my tyranids.   Well, that and 7 more termies (if I can find them…).


9 comments on “Tyranid Painting Progress: Termagants

    • If your phallis looks like any of those weapons, you should probably go see a doctor–especially any of the hand-to-hand weapons. Lashwhips and rending claws seem particularly troublesome…

      • It’s probably online somewhere, but check out the original design of the tyranid deathspitter. Both the look of the gun and the description as to how it worked!

    • I’m getting a little excited myself. I don’t think I’ve played a game in at least six month (probably closer to a year), so I’d like to get back in the saddle, and test out the 6th ed rules. I’m also anxious to see if more of the church crowd makes it over to Muldoon now. That place could use an injection of fresh blood…

  1. Definitely a good call by your wife on painting the guns. If you’d left them blue, they’d have look unfinished. Painted, they’ll look like good, tabletop standard figures.

    Do you use the stranglewebs (and spinefists, come to that) as what they’re supposed to be? Or do you just count them as normal termagants?

    • Even had I left the guns blue, I think they pass nicely for table-top quality after they’ve been dipped (note: that I’d still have painted the various pieces bone).

      As for the stranglewebs, I really don’t use them all that much. I just had the models, so why not paint them up and include them (I have all sorts of other models/armaments that are sub-par, so why not have these as well?). Truth be told, when the 5th edition rumor-dex was leaked, I was really hopeful for those guns. Wounding on a model’s strength instead of it’s toughness seemed potentially promising (I was hoping that the failed strength check alone would cause pinning, instead of having to wound–as explained here: https://warhammer39999.wordpress.com/2010/01/05/5th-ed-tyranids-termagants/) Sadly,that never came to fruition.

      I really wish leadership mattered more in the game, because giving the unit a method of pinning is potentially great–but with so many fearless/stubborn/generally high leadership units, it so rarely gets used.

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